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List of submitted questions:

The questions appear in the order from most recently posts at the top and the older posts towards the bottom of the list.   Please feel free to click on some of the questions and read what interests you.  If you have questions feel free to submit them.


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Questions submitted:

"Do you use angles or guides to do mediumship?"


"What is your coven like?"


"I heard spring cleaning should be part of a witch's practice, is that true?"


"...quit lieing to the world and tell the world what kind of religon you guys really are..."


\"Is it a conflict to be a wiccan and a humanist at the same time?


"Would you like to join me in a conversation about protection on my channel?"


"Is there a spell that could help with an Acne problem?"


"Do you have any advice or suggestions as to what I should look out for when hiring someone?"

"Being a male witch, doesn't that make you a Warlock?"


"Can you recommend any books that have spells in them?"


"My ex is casting spells against me... Can you help?"


"Is the spell even working?"


"Would you like to join my Winter Solstice/Yule live discussion?"


"Can you explain how to do fire divination?"


"Is Witchcraft totally safe?"


"How would I summon or call to a deity?"


"Are love spells actually harmful?"


"What are some ways in which Wicca had been incorporated into witchcraft?"


"What is your thoughts on the pentacle?  For symbolism, uses, protection?"

"Why do you wear so many rings?"


"Can you suggest a spell to 'come out of the broom closet?'"

"...should I send a hex?"

"Where do you purchase your ingredients and items?"

"Would you be a guest on the Witches of Eastview to discuss working with local plants?"

"Do you work with death in your practice?"

"Is a 'crossroads witch' the same or similar to a 'grey witch'?"

"Why is shadow work so important?"

"What is the difference between a solitary practitioner and a secular practitioner?

"Does tarot involve demons, or evil?"

"Are you a good witch? Or, a bad witch?

"Is there a way to stop feeling drained or feeling negativity from shadow people figures?"

"What other areas of witchcraft have you explored?"

"Can you describe other plants used for baneful workings?"

"How did you start doing shadow work?"

"Can a spell control someone else's free will?"

"Does Wicca have to involve a Goddess and/or God?"

"Can I substitute certain tools required for a spell?"

"...Why didn't my spell work?"

"How can crystals be used in witchcraft?"

"Why are witches known for tarot readings?"

"Can magick be used in every day cooking using ordinary ingredients?"

"What is Wicca and what are the different types?"

What is a Grey Witch?

"Do you know a spell to help quit smoking?"

"How do you null a blood pact with a demon?"

"How are ritual baths different from regular baths?"

"Do you know spells to make someone with trust issues trust you again?"

"What is and not supposed to be discussed with other witches?"

"What is the fae?"

"How do you know what kind of witch you are?"

"Can you fly like witches do in movies?"

"Can you please share an example of a love spell?"

"...invited to be a guest on The Witches of Eastview channel to talk about Poppets?"

"About a freezer spell can I freeze someone for more than one person at a time?"

"How do pendulums work?"

"How can divination be improved upon?"

"Do you believe in and work with spirits?"

"Have you ever regretted casting a spell?"

"Isn't magic only for fantasy of children?"

"What does Yule mean to you?"

"Why do you call spells "workings"?

"Is witchcraft an under-represented subculture?"

"Do you have any kind of spell/chant to make me gain motivation and energy in the craft again?"

"Can you tell me how to create a love potion?"

"Do you believe in life after death?"

"Can you explain what shadow people are?"

"What does Samhain mean to you?"

"Can you give any book recommendations?"

"What is Shadow Work in more detail?"

"Is there anything that should not be done during a full moon?"

"Can you change your appearance with just magick?"

"Do you know a spell to change me to look like someone else?"

"...only gay men are male witches..."

"What is moon water, and what is it used for?"

"Can you please share your alter setup?"

"If your free would you like to join in and have a chat..."

"Are you a feminine guy, since your a witch?"

"Do you have in person witch friends?"

"Do you or your family celebrate Hallowe'en?"

"what type of witch can summon a 'kitsune' for me"

"Will you allow lord Jesus Christ be save you from your demonic evil self?"

"Are there different types of magick?"

"Is there magick that can help with ecsema?"

"Do you know a spell to remember your dreams after waking up?"

"Is there a spell that will fix everything bad in my life?"

"You mentioned burning sage to cleanse, isn't that a closed practice?"

"Can you talk more about purchased items you use in your practice?"

"Is witchcraft connected to the devil?"

"I don't know where to actually begin, do you suggest a coven?"

"Would you join me on a live for a my Buck Full Moon fire ritual?"

"What do you find most difficult about being a witch?"

"Can I redesign your website?"

"Is magic even real?"

"Do you have a familiar?"

"Is baneful magick bad to use, in your opinion?"

"Doesn't that make you an ugly old woman?"

"What is 'green' witchcraft?"

"Since my family are Christians, should I myself not be doing witchcraft?"

"What other ways can you protect against magick?"

"Can you please give suggestions to a beginner tarot reader?"

"How would you protect against malicious magick?"


"How would you banish someone from your life?"

"Is your family also Pagan/Wiccan?"

"How do you cast a protective circle?"

"How do you cast a hex on someone?"

"Can you actually fly on a broom?"

"Are Ouiji boards dangerous?"

"How do you create fire from your fingers?"

"Do you give tarot readings?"

"What importance do full moons have, witchcraft-wise?"

"How can you levitate?"

"How do you make sigils?"

"Isn't it cultural appropriation to smudge with smoke?"

"Do you make money from doing spells?"

"Do you worship the devil?"


"Can you describe what Shadow Work looks like in your practice?"

"Do I need to purchase tools to get started in witchcraft?"

"How often do you use magick, cast spells, etc.?"

"Is there a spell to shapeshift into an animal?"


"Did you sell your soul in order to become a witch?"

"Are witches even real?"


"What is 'smoke cleansing'? And how is it done?"


"What is 'black salt'? And how is it made?"

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It should be mentioned...

 All information on my website and in my blogs are posted in respect to the sharing of practice, culture, and tradition. It is not my intended to say that what I say goes. But rather, to set an example of what anyone can achieve in their own ways.


Repeated submitted questions are not included in the above list as well as any submitted questions that were not responded to.   


This blog is intended to help those who are interested to learn more about witchcraft and speaks only from my own perspective and practices - Always do only what feels right to you.

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All information shared in my responses within the blog posts are written from my own personal experiences, perspectives and practices only. 

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