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Becareful what you wish for

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Have you ever regretted casting a spell?"

This is a very curious question, and an interesting one. Thank you for this submission and being upfront in your question. Personally, I can honestly answer, "No, I do not hold regret in my magick".

This is widely due to the fact that before casting any spell, I've already done my shadow work around doing it, as well as listened to my intuition and followed my instincts through out. The main purpose of this process that I use for my own spell creations helps me to ensure the spell is being done for the right reasons and will not be regrettable afterwards.

Shadow work is excellent for planning and thinking through all of the components and reprocautions that may be involved with any particular working.

More information about shadow work is available in previous blog entries:

Researching knowledge beforehand can lead to unexpected experiences gained in order to obtain the knowledge being sought out. This can be done before and after the spell, and has been instrumental in my considerations involving the Law of Three.

Basically, the Law of Three is the belief that what ever energies are sent out, come back to the sender three times fold.

In other words, send out positivity and get lots of positivity back. However, if sending out negativity, understand that lots of negativity may be headed your way! Considering all aspects of a spell and the possible consequences are important to me to feel confident and have no regrets.

There is alot of energy spent that goes into spellwork, and so, the big question that I'm sure to answer with this line of thought mentioned above is, 'is it worth doing in the first place?', or 'could it rather be achieved in the mundane instead?'

Some things to consider for spells that seem to backfire or for unexpected outcomes:

Do your shadow work!!!

Often the journey is the lesson itself.

Not all spells are for the faint at heart.

Expect the unexpected.

Not all paths are simple to walk.

Not all lessons are easy to learn.

Trust your instincts, and follow your intuition.

Listen to your guides for direction.

Blessed be.

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading my blog at Please feel free to submit your own questions for a chance for the answer to be featured in a new blog entry. It may help to break some of the misconceptions that exist out there about witches, witchcraft or Wiccans and Wicca. - Take good care always!

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