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Multi-Dimensional Discussions

A Trans-Dimensional Tarot Reader from, Author of the AskaGreyWitch blog and a High Priest of the Sacred Meadow Circle tradition, Bryan Stafford invites you to join him in a variety of intuitive-based topics, with special guests, in multi-dimensional discussions on a variety of interesting topics.


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By creating some interesting discussions and inviting special guests to challenge those discussion topics,  perspectives can be shared respectfully with listeners, who may have their own different, even more interesting dimensions of perspectives.  

We can all learn from each other. 

It is my hope that posting these discussions in a podcast will help to promote acceptance, compassion and encouragement of individual thoughts and beliefs. 

What works for you, works!!!

As we will explore in Multi-Dimensional Discussion podcast episodes, one topic can be viewed from multiple dimensions!


What would you add to these discussions? 

Please feel free to contact me to share feedback, ask questions or perhaps you would like to join in a future multi-dimensional discussion as a special guest?  I’d love to hear from you!!! 

To contact me, or for more information, please visit

Thank you for listening to this episode of Multi-Dimensional Discussions - A Tarot Talk podcast!!! 

For decades Bryan Stafford (host) has felt pulled towards or drawn to the path of a light worker. At the age of twelve, he was gifted his first tarot deck. With his experiences from personal readings giving private sessions, has been offering private intuitive tarot readings in-person or remotely through video calls. This has been a hugely rewarding journey to help others in this way by offering some clarity, gained insight or new perspectives, and watch the finding of peace, resolve and/or closure.  


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Tarot Talk Live Events which offer example readings are available on video at

For more information about Bryan Stafford, tarot or about services offered, please visit

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And, for information about the Sacred Meadow Circle covendom, please visit 

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Bright Blessings!

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