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The Sacred Meadow Circle gatherings:


The Astral S.M.C. virtual gatherings are organized to offer opportunity to meet other witches.   Anyone can participate! There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice in the craft, and/or meeting other practitioners.   Registration is free 


There are also Dark Moon S.M.C. remote gatherings which are hosted by the Full Moon empowerment group and are meant to be eclectic gatherings between in-person meetings.  Guests are invited to participate in online discussions, ask questions, and seek advice and support from other established practitioners of magick. 

The Full Moon S.M.C. in-person gatherings offer empowerment, support and acceptance, done through ritual and magick together at Esbats and Sabbats. This circle forms a bond of friendship and coven-family to local witches residing in or near the City of Guelph and Wellington County areas of Ontario, Canada. 

It is the intention of the New Moon S.M.C. private gatherings to organize and provide opportunities for members to learn more about setting up unique practices in the craft as well as teaching and learning from sharing experiences.  More information is available about how to join and the structure and expectations of membership for informed decision at: 

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Witches online gatherings

Please, join us for:

The Astral Sacred Meadow Circle

Virtual Gathering

Quite often an example or reference to a starting point is all that's required to become grounded within beginning to set up your own witchy practice. Anyone can participate! There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice in the craft, or meeting other witches. 


 Join us for this magickal chat experience!!!

Merry Meet: 

Once registered, you are automatically invited to all future Astral S.M.C. Virtual Gatherings.  Invitation emails will be sent out before the next meeting date which will include a join link that can be clicked on at the start time of the scheduled meeting in order to attend the virtual gathering. 



Virtual gatherings generally happen on a Wednesday, at 7 PM EST until about 9 PM EST.

You can also see the Upcoming events section for upcoming gathering time and date announcements.

During the gathering, please feel free to use craft-names and to express your witchy-selves as you see fit.

* Please note -- These virtual meetings take place over Zoom Video Conferencing and are not recorded, nor broadcasted.  However, please be prepared that other meeting participants will be able to see you when your camera is on. And so, we ask for consideration to your surroundings that may be visible within your camera's view range.


For more information about Zoom, please visit: How to Join support page. 

More about the Astral Sacred Meadow Circle:

The Astral S.M.C. is an online international diverse assortment of witches that get in contact and seek support in their discovery and learning of witchcraft.  Anyone can participate! There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice in the craft, and/or meeting other witches.  The website offers multiple information sections on a variety of magickal topics related to witchcraft, and Wicca in hopes that it inspires anyone in setting up a unique and meaningful practice for themselves. started with a mission to give others a taste of one witch's thoughts and experiences by answering submitted questions.  What started as occasional posts has evolved into a rich site filled with a variety of information about various topics relating to witchcraft.  Take some time to explore the blogs and find what sparks your interests.  Submitted questions are very much appreciated!  The main focus of the website has become to serve as a support platform for the Astral Sacred Meadow Circle.  More about that can be found at:

To be clear What one says is not what goes.  No one is trying to say that what one thinks is the only way... each and every one of us has our own way of thinking, associations, and individual beliefs, traditions, etc.  Quite often the Sacred Meadow Circle members find themselves offering guidance, answering questions, providing information and giving advice to other practitioners of magick who are finding their own ways and path in the craft. 

Group Rules:    Know...


...when TO KNOW

Do research and exploration of the craft in the areas of your own interests. Everyone has a different point of view. This path is a lifetime of development. Please be kind and courteous at all times.


...when TO DARE

Do what feels right and stay true to your own practice. Please respectfully disagree if doing so. Bullying, targeting, or attacking a member of this group is not allowed and will not be tolerated.


...when TO WILL

We can support each other in finding your own way in the craft. Manifest your own will's desires. Be mindful of the Law of III if part of your practice. No selling to or spamming other members.


...when TO BE SILENT


Revealing identities of witches or other coven information could result in the jeopardization of wellness or safety for other members. Please be respectful, supportive and considerate of one another.


It should also be mentioned:


  • All else that is permitted to be revealed to non-members is that the Sacred Meadow Circle exists as a collaboration of separated gatherings of witches.  


  • No in-coven business is discussed outside of the circles such as but not limited to about what is discussed, the magickal workings that are involved, traditions explored, any trainings or lessons that take place within, or whom any of the other members are, etc. 


  • Since witches and witchcraft face so many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the world today, it's worth mentioning again that revealing identities of witches or other coven information could result in the jeopardization of wellness or safety for others. Please be respectful and considerate of one another. 


  • - Blessed be!

If you are already registered and no longer wish to receive S.M.C. virtual gathering invitations, please write a request to unregister in email to: from the same registered email account. Requests to no longer be included will be respected and kindly obliged.


Thank you for joining us!!! 


Merry part, and merry meet again.

Witchcraft online meeting
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