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Tarot Talk Live Event

Happening Monthly!!!  See event announcements at for dates and times.

This is an opportunity to meet me as we talk a tarot topic and do some readings together for those who are interested to participate or just come and watch.  It is a free online live event which will feature free readings for those who join and would like to participate. Come join me online on my Facebook page for a fun hour or so from 8 PM until about 9 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on the date of the event. The broadcasts sometimes go later depending on the amount of interest to receive a free reading. Please understand that I may need to cap the number of free readings in order to keep the broadcast under 2 hours.

During each live event a topic regarding tarot is talked about and then free short distant remote readings are offered to viewers who show interest to receive a reading in the chat during the broadcast.  Please feel free to join the live during recording at:  Remaining objective, I will point out any symbolisms and tell you what messages I receive according to the cards and spread that is used. Asking questions is always encouraged through out readings.  Free readings are usually capped to 6 free short readings (about 10-15 minutes each). 

I look forward to seeing you there!   Please feel free to contact me:

Bryan Stafford, Intuitive Reader

5 1 9 - 8 3 5 - 1 7 4 9


Keep watch for more live broadcasts!

More Information:

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