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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you have a familiar?"

This question is very much appriciated, thank you to whom submited it. I like this question. Because, the way that I view "Familiars" is a bit old fashioned. The was that I approach familiars seems to differ from what I hear many modern witches say now a days in online communities about their own experiences working with a familiar.

Many nowadays describe familiars as a living animal, like a physical pet, that a special connected relationship is obtained with. The animal working with in magick is considered a familiar to some witches. In that case, this would be my familiar when she was alive:

My cat assisted my magick from 1995 - 2011

Where as to other witches, some say a familiar is similar to working with spirit or ancestors. Like working with spirits of animals that we once knew and loved in life, (or during a previous life) where who's energy can be felt around the witch thereafter. This energy can be helpful to a magickal practitioner depending on intention. I have definately felt my previously living furry friend's energy around me through out the years that followed her passing and have also felt her assistance with my magick at times thereafter.

-Picture of my cat's resting place

A dictionary meaning that I found on a familiar is, "a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal." ...and, there are some witches that believe this as well!!!

Soooo, then what do I believe?

To me, familiars are energies of past loved pets that feel as though they visit or deliver messages often appearing to a witch through synchronousities, or during spells or ritual which can assist with the workings in the moment. Often crows, rabbits, owls, wolves, mice, and other common wildlife are described as familiars when they seem influenced to approach a witch to assist in one way or another. Sometimes seen as the same species of animal showing themselves repeditively to a witch as a presence to be seen and taken note of.

What all of the descriptions above and different beliefs about familiars have in common, that I've found, is that they all involved energetic relationships with animals assisting witches in magick.

-picture of the memorial tree, a Weeping Pussy Willow, planted atop my cat's resting place.

Thank you for reading about my own perspectives. What are your thoughts?

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