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Witchy difficulties

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What do you find most difficult about being a witch?"

This question is interesting and much appriciated. Because honestly, in my opinion the most difficult part about being a witch is not being understood by the non-magickal folk, or mundane people around me, which i sometimes refer to respectfully as "a Cowan". I'm not referring to stereotypical people who have their own ideas of what a witch is. And, I'm also not speaking about rude or discriminatory people like those whom may avoid me because i wear a penticle around my neck, etc.

Disrespectful people are not difficult at all actually... In fact, I see them as having their own lessons to learn in their lives and it's not my responsibility to resolve it for them, personally. (However, I have done reversal spells before with nonharming intention for some individuals to learn from their own mistakes).

What I'm actually talking about that I find difficult is with the regular day to day interactions between myself and any non witchy people in my day to day life who unknowingly might break a sacred circle or unintentionally tamper with workings, disrupt traditions or interfere with rituals, etc.

What may seem like a minor disturbance or small distraction can actually be quite counter productive to my practices. With regularity, can get down right frustrating.

For example, say I'm harvesting and collecting specific plants or herbs, (dandelions would be a great example).

A Cowan may look at my bounty of collected stems, roots and leaves as just a bunch of picked weeds that needs to be discarded and may think themselves doing me a favour by throwing them out when I'm not around. This happens occationally in my home involving my young adult children or with my spouse at times.

This is indeed perfectly understandable (of course,) with them not having the experience or knowledge in the craft as I do to know any better for themselves. So naturally, i understand even though it can be difficult at times. Sometimes, it can still lead to energy and intention being disrupted.

Even before being harvested, i can find myself protecting and vouching for the life of some of my plants due to the fact of others not understanding my intentions. Some people just want to pull them out of the ground before they bloom not realizing it's a flower, or remove them when they are blooming calling it a weed, or just want to mow them down either way just because it's too wild looking or looks disorganized.

Not even referring to the non witches that live in my home. In the city where i reside, there are strict bylaws around the maintenance of neighbourhood properties, what plants are allowed to grow within the city limits and there's also a height limit of 7 inches (about 25 cm) as well as other rules for citizens to follow. This often conflicts with my green-witch side.

Here is the difficulty: My entire property is a wild naturalized area designated to provide for everything that I need in my craft. But, also my property provides food, substance and shelter to a variety of birds, bees, butterflies, insects, mice and many other small creatures. Each and every spring I receive visits from the city bylaw officer to my home explaining the number of complains from my neighbours reported to city officials. Their concerns that my whole yard is long and tall and wildly, ...and ...yeah, it is!!!

As I can prove that i do remove common allergy sources from my "gardens" (such as Ragweed, for example) and I am able to identify every plant that's growing in the area, showing that each is grown ornamentally or has a purpose. Because if this, the city does not take action against me. At one point the city even provided a naturalist expert to visit my home in hopes it would be suggested that I change to a less wild approach. However, when she arrived she understood what i was trying to acheive and absolutely loved my attempts to create a self sustaining property. It should be mentioned that I do keep it maintained as per naturalized yard regulations stated in the by-law regulations.

All of the neighbours who continue to complain still do so with no avail.

Other than that lesser annoyances mentioned above there really isn't much that I find difficult about being a witch. In fact, I would rather think it would be much more difficult if I wasn't a witch! I'm not sure where i would be in my life if I did not walk my path in the craft, not follow through with my manifestations, didn't do spell work, rituals and traditions, etc. My practice has made me who I am today.

Thank you for sending in this question. If you have your own questions please feel free to submit them at

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