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Workings vs Spells

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Why do you call spells "workings"?

Thank you for reading through my blog, and for submitting this question from the website. As pointed out with this question's submission, through out this website, I do say quite a few times that spells are magickal workings. Below is what I mean by this:

From my own perspective, the term "workings" is like an umbrella term that can involve anything that is done leading up to a ritual or spell, as well as the symbolic actions during. Another way to describe it, is that it means any 'work' done towards a spell, or to achieve an intended goal or outcome.

So, a magickal working, also known as "spellwork" are the workings which are done in the moment of a spell casting to represent the intention involved to acheive the desired outcome of that particular spell. Whereas, the term "spell", for me describes the process of focus for that manifestation. It's like a description of the symbolic focus used to bring an intention into reality.

For example: In this previous blog about making a love potion, it gives examples of the workings involved in one way that I have used to create a love potion.

Another example of a working in preparation for spellwork would include this other previous blog about making black salt, or cleansing items beforehand: as well as other blogs from the "Spells & Magick" and "Workings" categories of the blog.

What these blogs mentioned above do not provide, are the actual spell components, such as ritual involved, specific incantations to use, or other symbolic gestures representing the seperate desires involved. This is because intention and desire need to be specific, and no one knows your own specific intention and desires than yourself. This is way it is ultimately up to each witch to find their own ways from their unique practices in which to express themselves in their magick. Since true intention powers spellwork, it is not up to me to tell others what their intention should look like, how to symbolize representation of someone else's intentions. What i can do, and do in my blogs is provide a starting point for others to create their own unique ways of working in the craft.

The practices of each witch are unique and personal. The workings of each witch may look very different from eachother. And yet, have similar desired outcomes. These differences can also balance beautifully working together to form a collaborative approach to magick, such as within covens. Given how personal our own self expressions and desires can be as individual practitioners of magick, and the vulnerabilities that can be involved, it is no wonder most covens feel a need to continuously operate with such discretion and secrecy. Or for that matter, why solitary practitioners remain keeping to themselves.

Thank you, again, for reading my blog. If you have questions along your own journey, about setting up a unique practice for yourself, or just discovering your own sense of magick, please don't hesitate to reach out for support.

Merry part and many blessings.

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