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Making a love potion

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted question covered in this blog/pictures:

"Can you tell me how to create a love potion?"

Thank you for this question. As mentioned in previous blog entries the associations of spellwork are different for each, and so, spells are unique to the individual caster, and aswell to the unique situations in which they are too be used for.

Although this question is very much appriciated, the answer to it is simply, "No, I can not".

What I can do is provide an example of how I have made love potions myself and you can feel free to change anything that you feel fits with your own associations or for your own practice in order to make it your own love potion.

  • This probably goes without saying: - in most cases. However, it should be mentioned to please be sure all ingredient replacements or alternatives are safe to consume and not poisonous or toxic, etc.

The three main ingredients that I use in this example are:

Eatable crab apples

Sun water

A sweetener, like honey, or sugar

The tools

A large transparent container or bowl

A large pot or cauldron

A sharp knife

A wand or athame

This spell works best when the crab apples are individually selected with intention and picked from the tree, with permission. However, it doesn't have to be self harvested and can be purchased from a store. Just be sure to cleanse and charge the ingredients before beginning the spell. If crabapples do not resonate with your personal association with the love involved in the spell, feel free to change it with something that you feel fits for your purpose. For example, pomegranate also makes for a good association for love or sex magick with some witches. Or Apples for finding love relationships, grapes or bergamot for prosperity, etc. Always follow your instincts.

Sun water is made with intention similar to moon water, only involves the sun light. See this previous blog regarding charged waters in the craft for more information about this:

Be sure that each fruit is not already claimed by nature as a home or unfinished meal. As long as there are no holes or disturbances in the exterior, there shouldn't be any larvae or insects inside. Cutting them in half first also ensures using the best from what is being used.

Using a working knife, cut each fruit across it's width from side to side and not along it's core from top to bottom. This will reveal the hidden pentigram within each crab apple to empower the potion. I like to say a short incantation with each cut referring to me desire for the potion.

Be sure that each half looks white and healthy, and is not tainted, bruised, and not starting to decay if not harvested soon before making the potion. It is important to only use fresh fruit in this working.

Collect all of the cut crab apple halves into a large pot or cauldron until all of the fruit collected has been sorted, cut and ready to proceed.

Pour the sun water over the cut fruit with intention of cleansing and blessing the crab apples with the healing, rejuvenating and attracting powers of the sun. Only fill until the blessed water reaches the top of the crab apples. Do not overfill beyond that so that the top layer of fruit are not totally submerged. Adding too much will affect the quality of the potion and you don't want to overpower the healing associations which will dull down the love associations. It's about finding the right balance of each.

Bring to a boil and constantly stir doseil or turning clockwise with a wand to charge your loving desires and will also avoid the fruit from burning on the bottom of the pot or cauldron. Boil until fruit is no longer consistent and the skins and cores can be strained. Now would be the time if adding herbs to the portion with intentions, such as nutmeg to raise spirits and bring good luck, or cinnomon to speed up the effects of the potion, or honey or sugar to further attract, etc. Allow to simmer after for about twenty more minutes, continuously stirring with intention and incantation if you wish.

To strain, I personally like to hang the mixture in wrapped thin cloth tied and hung to allow it to stain and drip into a container or bowl below. A cheese cloth works perfectly! However, when not on hand I have also used clean thin material. This technique allows a transparent and smooth texture to the potion. If a colander is used, bits and rind may disrupt its viscosity. Allow to hang until no longer dripping. Avoid squeezing the mixture to get the juice out as this will cause the potion to be less smooth, less viscous and appear darker and more cloudy looking. Which, I personally find effects the association of spells in which it is used.

The potion can then be divided into seperate dosage jars once completely stained and can be stored in the fridge for about a week or so. If storing for a longer period of time, the potion can be preserved for longer using a canning process which will allow it to remain fresh for about a year or so.

That's about it!!!

Ways in which this love potion can be used are giving it to a current lover or potential lover to drink in hopes that they are influenced by your intended desire. Can be added to other's drinks, food recipes, desserts, etc. that are intended to be consumed by the person in which will have influence from the potion's set intention.

It should be mentioned that this is not a mind control potion nor will it have any effect on someone's free will. It empowers existing or potential love. However, can be used as an ingredient to stronger love spell workings.

Thank you for reading my blog!

If you have any further questions about this potion, or other magickal workings, please don't hesitate to submit it to

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