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Charged blessed water

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What is moon water, and what is it used for?"

Charged water is a topic that can throw us down the rabbit hole! And so, this is a great question. I'm honestly surprised that it hasn't been asked sooner. Thank you to whom submitted it!

There are many different ways in which water can be charged with intention and making moon water is definately the most popular amongst witches! Moon water is made by literally leaving a dish of water out in the moonlight as the light of the moon itself charges the water. The water is traditionally collected before sunrise and stored in a dark or shadowed location or kept covered away from sun light (which would change the charge of the water).

Moon water

Charged moon water can be used for a variety of spiritual means. It is often said that the water can empower intentions within workings. I have known witches to drink moon water (clean water charged in moon light during the night and then drank in the morning). The most popular time to make moon water is during a full moon as at that time the moon rises at sunset and falls at sunrise and is illuminated as much as possible allowing a full night's charge under the full moon's light.

Moon water increases intuition and connectiveness with self, and is often consecrated to make witch's holy water, which is used in high magick, as well as other spellwork. Each witch uses moon water in their own ways depending n their office and as is associated with the intentions of each. This previous blog entry describes in mid detail how the different moon phases could effect the energy of the charged moon water

Moon water is just one way in which I have charged and used water. Below are some of the other ways in which water has been collected or charged in preparation for workings that involved blessed water, potions, infusions, etc. to be used for spells

Blessed witches holy water

Moon water that has been concentrated in ritual in which salt is added and disolved. The ritual involved will effect the energies of the charged water. Witches holy water an be used to purify, cleanse, and protection. To take advantage of the empowering full moon if there is a lunar eclipse and not have it cause unexpected outcomes, you can charge moon water successfully the day before fully illuminated and the day after when the Moon is still at least 97% illuminated.

Sun water

Water that has been charging in the light in the sun, usually full sun with no to little cloud coverage. Sun water is used with energizing and healing spells, as well as with fertility, love, and power. The different phases of the sun and the seasons of the earth will effect the energy of the charged sun water.

Astral water

Moon water that has been left out into the sun the next day is made into astral water. This water can be grounding and contains energies of the earth. The surroundings of the water will effect the energy of the charged astral water.

Celestrial water

Water that has charged under both the sun and a new moon (when the Moon appears in the sky during the day time). Celestrial water is charged under both the moon and the sun simultaneously, thus effecting the energy of the charged water amd can be used for divination, high magick, transformation and beginnings.

Storm water

Rain that has been collected during a fierce lightning storm is charged storm water. Sometimes used in baneful workings, storm water contains the power and aggression of the storm which is what it is essencially charged by and then that energy can be applied to spell work to empower a particular desire.

Snow/ice water

Water that has been collected from melting ice or snow to be charged with an intention. Snow offers many shadow workings, can be used to gather (like, into a ball) and let go of emotional wounds (throwing the ball away) and in serenity, calm, peacefulness (watching a snow fall). Can also represent abundance, or spirit. Ice can be used to either blocking or binding temporarily, or for removing obstacles or eliminating a deadlock, etc. Associations may differ depending on geographic. The type of snow fallen and the temperature surrounding will effect the energy of the charged snow or ice.

Lake water

Water that has been collected from a lake (or from the sea depending on where you live in the world) and charged for a particular purpose, usually healing, prosperity, honesty or knowledge, divination, etc. Associated with the many mysteries of the seas, oceans and great lakes, and can differ in associations depending on where it's collected from, if the water is fresh or salt water, how clean the shore is, how clean the water is, if there are known shipwrecks near, etc. all factors involved will effect the energy of the charged lake water.

River, Creek or Swamp water

Water that has been collected from a swamp, or dirty puddle, etc. and charged for a particular purpose, usually baneful workings. Usually used in baneful magick suck as heavy curses, etc. Swamp water consists of life and the longer it sits the more life is parishing within the water's container. Eventually, all life ceases to exist within the water resulting in a process of death and decay which is worked with alongside intention into a particular desire. The condition of the water will effect the energy of the charged swamp water.

...and, I'm sure there are others!

However, out of all the different ways water can be concentrated on, moon water made under the full moon is far the most popular and widely used charged water by witches today.

Many witches also incorporate other tools and aids with the energetic charging of water. Such as but not limited to herbs or powders, stones or crystals, sticks or grass, peddles or flowers, etc. I personally avoid putting crystals in water as some crystals can be sensitive to moisture, be damaged by water, or can give off toxins that leach into the water, etc. It's very important to fully know the chemistry and properties of all ingredients that go into the moon water, especially if it is intended to be consumed. It's always best to be safe, rather than sorry.

If there are any questions, it can be submitted to and I'll do my best to help.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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