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Working with the moon phases

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog/picture:

"What importance do full moons have, witchcraft-wise?"

Thank you to whom submitted this question. In my spiritual practice the moon is very important, especially full moons.

From my perspective, the different phases of the moon can help focus different intention and to time spellwork accordingly. We all feel the effects of the moon whether we realize it or not. I feel the best way to answer this question is to briefly explain each moon phase, including full moons:

For example, a new moon is often referred to a time of new beginnings. It's the beginning of a new cycle and so is considered the best time to start something new or to learn a new trait, or take up a new hobby, etc. It's no coincidence that many people instinctually start new projects moreso around new moon phases than any other time of any given month.

The waxing moon is often referred to as a time of growth, development, or achievement. Sowing seeds during a new moon phase allows the plants to grow more effectively as the moon's light grow thereafter. This is due to the effect the moon has on water. As the light of the moon grows along its surface, so does the intended intention for that time.

It's simmilar for a waning moon. But reversed, it's often referred to as the time to focus on release, disguarding, or letting go. As the light of the moon shrinks across its surface, so also does the intended intention for that time.

That being said, a full moon has the biggest energetic impact. It has a significant effect on everything from weather, the ocean tides, animal behaviour, and even a heightened awareness within people. It's no coincidence that many have trouble sleeping during full moon phases and not because of the additional light at night. People often observed stranger than normal behavior of others during a full moon. The full moon represents effect and power.

(Back to the question) ... That being said, why is this important in witchcraft?

Spellwork often revolves around these energetic properties of the moon phases. A new moon is considered the best time for divination and shadow work. A wanning moon is considered the best time for a cord cutting ritual, or a banishment spell. A waxing moon is considered the best time to magickally bring something into your life. Given that full moons are so powerful, it is considered the best time for energetic charging of tools, crystals, making moon water, etc., As well as important witchcraft workings, coven gatherings and group spellwork, and so on.

-- Picture taken from my old personal Book of Shadows.

For instance, moon water is made by simply leaving a container, jar or bowl of water out in the Moon light to be charged by the energetic properties of the full moon. Many see it as a monthly cleansing and empowerment ritual to be done with crystals, tools and other personal objects or future spell work useables.

It's important to know that lunar eclipses always happen during full moons and can be powerful when focusing on the entirety of the moon phases within one night. This can require punctiliousness and endurance to do that kind of complicated working. Be wary with spells associated with the Moon during an Ecliptic Full Moon. In my experience the transitory energies of the eclipse can cause unexpected charging of unintended energies. For example, changing the charge in the making of moon water under not just a full moon, but one that transitions through all moon phases.

It should be mentioned that the above is described in terms of my spirituality in witchcraft only and does not also detail the importance of the full moon within Wiccan religious practices which can vary depending on the branch of Wicca being discussed.

It is in hopes that this is helpful even though only touches briefly on this very large topic. If I can expand further, please let me know. As always, questions are much welcome and can be submitted at

Thank you for reading my blog!


Some information has been written about making moon water in a newer blog entry at

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