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Full moon: To do, or Not to do

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is there anything that sounds not be done during a full moon?"

With this inquiry extending from the previous blog entry I very much appriciate this question sent in - Thank you!

There is also a previous blog entry about charging water for a particular purpose that may be helpful, including mentioning the creation of moon water at

There are lots of advice online about what to do and to cast spells during the full phase of the Moon. However, there isn't much information about what NOT to do during the full elimination of the moon light.

Below I touch base on some simple common suggested do's and don'ts regarding the phase of the full moon based on my own personal interpretations and associations:

Suggestions what not to do:

Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the inflow of energy from the full moon. Quite often this can happen leading to some of the strange behaviors witnessed by people generally during bright full moons. Be aware and be careful.

Don't over react to things happening in your life. At times the energy of the full moon can feel intense without realizing it. Quite often strange behaviours from others are more noticeable during a full moon simply because people underestimate the affects of the moon. Emotions usually run higher than any other moon phase.

Don't make harsh or quick decisions. Giving the full moon energy can feel overwhelming to some, try not to feel overwhelmed yourself or try but to be too short with your responses to things. Give yourself some slack and consideration during. Take time to consider the best outcomes.

Don't rush to start something new - you had your chance during the last new moon, and will have another chance again in the next new moon. The entire moon cycle (28 days in length) can be an excellent time reference in setting goals, timing spell work, etc. Take the time needed.

Don't charge crystals and moon water during a lunar eclipse - My belief is that the transitory energies of an eclipse can cause unexpected charging of unintended energies. For example, it changes the charge in crystals or in the making of moon water under not just a full moon, but one that transitions through all moon phases.

Suggestions what to do:

Relax, Meditation or channeling. Be in control, seek guidance and retain well being. Let go of built up emotions, heavy feelings or regrets. Know yourself well - all of the full moon phases can be good times to sort out different aspects of shadow workings depending on the associations with each moon phase, including full moons.

Cleanse your mental state, your physical space, and personal items. Be aware of and take charge of your surroundings and personal surroundings. Charge tools and crystals under the full moon. Take advantage of the mind energy by using it to empower special items with an intented purpose.

Release energy by dancing. Let it go - let yourself go - feel free to move to your own rhythm. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Celebrate your own accomplishments over the past month. Empower yourself! Know thatYou are worth it!

Be sure to have completed any goals made during the last new moon phase. New moon phases are about new beginnings and are an excellent time to start something new, or set goals for the next 28 days that follow. Half way through that process is the full moon. This makes for an excellent check point half way along the journey to be sure to be on track with the goals that have been previously set.

For most witches the most popular phases of the moon to work with are the new moon and the full moon stages. The Moon is considered dark under 3% illumination, where as the Moon is considered full at over 97% illumination. This period of new/full can last up to three days - the day before, the day of, and the day after are acceptable for workings with the particular moon phase. To take advantage of an empowering full moon during an eclipse and not have the eclipse cause unexpected outcomes, you can charge moon water successfully the day before fully illuminated and the day after, when the moon is still full (at least 97% illuminated).

For most Wiccans, the Moon is referred to as a goddess symbol (being feminine), where as the sun is a god symbol (being masculine). The Moon herself symbolises our inner selves, our unconscious, the dark, the hidden, the habitual shadows. During coven ritual a drawing if the moon represents channelling the energies of the moon foe a High Priest(ess) to deliver a message of guidance to fellow coven members.

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions and the inner shelf. The energy of the zodiac can also play a part in the kind of energy the Moon exhibits. The Moon's position in the sky correlates with the star's constellations in the same way that the sun does, and the corresponding zodiac has it's influences.

Always, tust your instincts and follow your intuition.

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