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   Responses to the questions

Sharing my responses here may help those whom have the same or similar questions. Please feel free to have a look through some is the topics, read what interests you, and if you have questions feel free to submit them.


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It should be mentioned...

This blog is intended to help those who are interested to learn more about witchhcraft and speaks only from my own perspective and practices. It should be mentioned that all information on my website and in my blogs are posted in respect to the sharing of practice, culture, and tradition. It is not my intended to say that what I say goes. But rather, to set an example of what anyone can acheive in their own ways.

Always do only what feels right to you.

Submit your question by sending me a message here:

Thank you for your interest. After submitting your question, I will let you know in email my response and I will be sharing the relevant information in an upcoming post or video. 

* Please note -- names, e-mail addresses, or any other personal or identifying information will be omitted from online (not mentioned in any of the videos and blog posts) for your confidentiality.  Questions asked are described generally and in an abbreviated form by leaving out the extra details or background information submitted within the messages sent. This is done for your confidentiality and for your privacy while the response given from me, is shared in a blog entry.

All information shared in my responses within the blog posts are written from my own personal experiences, perspectives and practices only. 

Thanks for submitting!

Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick

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The messages within await!  

Drawn to the path of a light worker.  I am an empathic male and an intuitive pagan with many years experience with metaphysical workings, including tarot readings.

Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick

Thank you for coming.  
Take good care, and blessed be. 

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