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Glamour magick

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you change your appearance with just magick?"

This is a great question. Thanks to some popular Hollywood film makings cycling their way though society, it is a common misconception that magick can be used alone to change physical appearances. Can anyone remember that scene in the movie, "The Craft" when the witch in the movie changes her appearance to look like her friend? Nah, not gonna happen.

  • Scene clip from "The Craft" movie

Unfortunately, this is as unreal as creating fire from our finger tips - simply untrue.

So... The answer is, "No."

Unlike what many have commonly observe in movies and television shows, you can't physically change your appearance with just magick.

However, what you can do with magick is have influence on how you are perceived by others. Changing the way that others see you is not the same thing as changing your appearance. But, can have a similar outcome or effect.

For example, I've used glamour magick to appear younger than I am. I make my own skin salves and potions that work together to not only make me appear more youthful to others. But, also feel more youthful again inside. Most when they meet me are quite surprised if they discover that I'm half a century in age.

More about how I create salves was shown in a previous video/blog entry at

  • Picture taken April 2022, Bryan Stafford.

It's been known that other witches have used glamours to appear more attractive, or thinner, or muscular, or prettier, ...or whatever their desired or preferred way to be perceived, or seen as. Quite often Glamour's are used in simple ways in which to accentuate already existing features and qualities that we like in ourselves, and that others may take more notice to. I've also heard of glamour magick be used by witches towards making a better impression. For example, during a job interview to appear more intellectual in hopes to increase their chances of getting hired.

Using glamour magick is not as simple as picking out the best outfit or choosing the right tie and belt, or contouring with make-up, or adding blush or lipstick or eye shadow, etc. However, doing it with additional intentions. With successful results with glamour magick, there are no actual physical change in appearance even though others may seem to think they see a change or something different.

These types of spells can go hand in hand with compounded workings to focus the manifestations on the one desire. For example, an attractive glamour dovetailed with a love spell. Or another example, incorporating glamour spells into ritual bath magic.

A ritual bath can consist of an undisturbed, relaxing bath, using favourite scented bath salts and oils, and listening to music that make you feel strong, powerful and beautiful. Some place a board across a bath tub as a temporary alter, or to journal, etc. After soaking in the bath for 20 minutes step out and allow your body to air-dry nude in front of a mirror. Then, massage your favorite body salves or oils on your skin, or spray yourself in a scented mist, etc. After you’re dried off, look in the mirror and state personal affirmations of strength, power or beauty, such as “I am confident, I am gorgeous, I love myself.”

When incorporating water with glamour, the energy within can have a greater effect and the properties of water can be used to help heal physical and emotional wounds. Water not only cleans the physical body. But also, the auric field which can help to calm us, so we can tend to wounds, anger, and anxieties.

How you associate with the different oils, mists, salves, herbs, incenses, flower peddles, etc. that are used within the glamour magick being done will effect the energy of the spell.

Please note that knowing ourselves and being happy with our true selves is the most powerful aspect of our intentions. Even in doing glamour magick! And so, I feel the need to point out that glamour magick is not intended to actually change anything. It is meant to enhance personal qualities that already exist. The less confident one is while doing a glamour working the less effect it will have (just like with any spell!).

Trust yourself! Find both your inner and outer beauty. Is there an existing quality that you would rather be perceived as more by others?

Thank you to the one who submitted this question. It is in hopes that this response is helpful.

Journey safe, and blessed be.

If you have questions please submit them at to inspire more upcoming blog posts.

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