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Creating a salve

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted question covered in this blog/video:

"Is there magick that can help with ecsema?"

Absolutely! Magick is great when done side by side to medical advice, implementations, procedures, etc. Sometimes, the medicinal ingredients that we need are all around us provided by nature. Thank you for this question! Green magick can assist in making herbal potions, lotions and salves to help skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, etc.

I create skin surface safe salves to treat ecsema, scoriosis, sun burns, and other skin conditions. I make this particular salve to treat skin conditions with a local plant known as Plantain. It is easily found (in my area). It grows almost anywhere! Most see it as a pesky weed.
Do not harvest all the leaves from one plant. I only take one from each. It is identifiable by its broad leaves. It easily hides with other plants! Often it grows along paths or on grass. Do not harvest rear road traffic! All plants can absorb pollutants. Be safe! After done harvesting the leaves, you'll need olive oil as a base, and later beeswax.
Start by crushing the leaves with the use of a pestle and mortor keeping the leaves whole, creating abrasions adding intention to your workings as you work. The cracks and abrasions that form in the leaves help the plant properties to infuse with the oil. Be sure not to skip this step as it is important to make the infusion needed to create the skin salve.
Select stronger looking leaves to use and discard any leaves that have dehydrated or if lost their firm texture. Place the crushed leaves in a jar that will be used to mix the infusion and allow to sit for a period of time. & Now you can add the olive oil. You can also use grape seed oil, canola oil, or mineral oil. Giving the jar a little shake can help the oil to coat the herb well. You want to add enough oil to completely saturate the leaves. Fill level to the top of the plants. Cap the jar well.
Store someplace dark for at least two weeks or longer to allow the plant to infuse with the oil. Then when ready, use a colander strain the infusion into a pot that can be heated on a low heat over a fire or on a stove. Always proceed carefully when using a fire or arrive to heat ingredients to be used in magickal workings.
Strain as much of the oil as possible to use as much of the infusion as you are able! I like to press the plants with a short wand to extract the remaining oils from the plant mixture. Energy and intention can be directed into the infusion while stirring and pressing the plants accordingly.
The liquid should be clear and thin while heated and there should not be any bits of plant material within. This is now a very nice plantain olive oil infusion. At this point I like to add further intention with incantation, or blessings of the infusion for healing.
To make into a salve begin adding small pieces of sliced beeswax to the infusion while over low heat. Be careful when slicing beeswax with a sharp knife. If can be tough to break apart. But, necessary to melt evenly. Allow the beeswax to melt and dissolve into the infusion adding little pieces at a time.
It's going to take some time for the beeswax to fully melt. Be patient! It's worth the wait. Stirring the pieces around can help to melt a little quicker and to mix evenly.
When the beeswax is completly melted, to know whether you've added enough beeswax, do a spoon test: Dip a spoon into the infusion mixture and if it is ready the spoon should start coated by the liquid salve. You should see a fast coating form of wax over the spoon surface. If the spoon does not appear to be coated by the liquid salve solution when it is dipped into it, then melt more beeswax into the salve. When the spoon coats well by the liquid salve mixture, then pour right away into a heat safe sealable jar or container. Be careful when pouring. Leave about an inch of space from the top of the jar when filling them with the liquid salve solution.
I like to use canning jars because they can withstand the heat at first until the salve cools down. It may be hot to the touch! Use as many small jars or containers as necessary. I don't like to use large jars so not too waste.
Be sure to place somewhere where the jars will not be disturbed and can sit to cool. Tightly seal the jars closed with a lid and allow to sit still until completely cooled. It's going to take some time for the salves to cool. Becareful as the jars may be hot to the touch at first. As the salves cool the mixture should become less transparent and more solid forming.
The solidification of the dive mixture may not cool evenly - That's ok! Allow to cool thuroughly. When cooled, the salves will appear thick and solid. But, be soft enough to gather and spread with a finger tip.
Afterwards, i like to place on my working alter as an offering of the potential healing to come.
That's basically it!

It is important not to break down the plantain's medicinal benifets by using too high of a temperature to melt the beeswax and mix into the infusion. Using a low heat to gradually melt the beeswax over a lengthier period of time will preserve the qualities to take advantage of.

This salve can also assist with relieving pain, reaction and swelling from bug bites, bee stingings, thistle and nettle stabbings, cat-scratch fever, etc. and makes great relief for sunburns and some other skin irritations.

It should be mentioned that magical workings do go great hand in hand, or on the side to medical practices. However, magick should never be treated as a substitution for medical advice of a doctor or direction of a health practitioner. Always seek the help that you need when you need it.

As always, I'm an open book if anyone has any questions or comments about the information provided in this blog entry.

Be safe, and blessed be.

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