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Kitchen witchery

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can magick be used in every day cooking using ordinary ingredients?"

Thank you to whom submitted this question! As a kitchen witch myself, I can say with confidence that spells with food so not need to be complicated. Within the video, I included a basic Happiness Cake Spell, in hopes that it brings joy and happiness to you and your families.

The answer to this question is simple. ABSOLUTELY!!! In fact, an area of the craft has been designated "Kitchen Magick" for this. A practitioner who does kitchen magick may consider themselves a "kitchen witch".
Many common kitchen items, slices and other ingredients can have associations with them and can be implemented into magickal workings. For example: Eggs may be for protection, canola may be healing, milk may be nurturing. And so, used together can produce a strong influence. Also, such as to: flour may be prosperity, sugar may be attraction, baking powder may be action, and salt may be grounding. And so, using flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together can encourage finances to become secure and well, or to bring income/money to you. Often kitchen magick is taught by family passed down through generations of ancestors meant to bring positivity to the entire household.
Kitchen magick combines beautifully with other realms, aspects and paths within witchcraft. For example: kitchen witchery dovetails with a green witch's practice. Green witchcraft involves the exclusive use of plants with includes shrubs, herbs, grains, fruits, vegtables -- anything grown in nature. Or, another example is combining kitchen witchery with the magickal traditions of cottage witchcraft. A cottage witch works exclusively with the well being, saftey and protection of the home and household members. Kitchen witchcraft couples perfectly with cottage witchcraft, as well as many other forms of pricing magick in the craft.
Some commonly used kitchen witchery skills would also include: making concoctions; using food as medicine; enchanting ingredients when adding to a dish; making tinctures; treating recipes like spells; use of a wooden spoon as a wand; making potions; turning a cup of tea into a ritual; making your own cleaning solutions; and many more. Many kitchen witches place an alter beside the stove, or close by.
Personally, I like to set my stove as sacred space, and my pan as my alter. This type of witchcraft centers around making your kitchen a sacred space making magick within the use of cooking, baking, or stewing foods.
One can get disconnected from the craft of they lose the relationship or kinship to the ingredients that feels most special to them. The modern kitchen witch may feel off balance when home is not 'as it should be'. Livingin tune with what foods are in season during each time of the year can help restore sacred balance in life and home. One reason why coming is regarded as such a sacred art in kitchen witchery is that all that grows in life is essencially viewed as a ceremony. It is not required to dedicate a specific time and resources to ceremony. Kitchen witches work intuitively to find the magick in everyday life.
A simple way to share infuse magick into your food is by being extra mindful of the ingredients and their uses in any dish. While working, concentrating mostly on positive and calming affirmations. Energy is transferable and you don't want to add negativity to the foods. When baking, try to draw Sigils on the bottom of crusts or make them from decoration. Anyway to implement magick further into a recipe is a form of kitchen witchcraft and can be done any way that a witch feels is suitable.
Each practice can be very different from the next. It is really all about your own personal intentions. There is no wrong way to do witchcraft: Always follow your instincts; Alwaya trust your intuition; Always do what feels right to you.

Another example of kitchen witchery is shown in this other blog entry about making a potion:

Thank you for watching the video, or reading my blog. Please feel free to submit your own questions for a possible upcoming blog topic at and I'll do my best to help.

Blessed be.

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