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Love spells - good vs bad

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Are love spells actually harmful?"

In social media these days, witches mention many warnings and many cautions against love spells due to the number of concerns and misunderstandings that revolves around them. Thank you so much for submitting this intrequing question!

Free Will:

The first thing that should be mentioned is: When it comes to free will, it's all energetic "influence". There is no such thing as to have energetically control over someone else. Even with love spells, the target has the choice to follow through with the particular influence they are faced with magickally. It is a common misconception that people can be forced to fall in love against their own decision, which is one reason why love spells are so misunderstood.

In fact, our free will is so strong, that we ourselves have a choice to follow through with everything we do, including our own soul 's contracts or destiny! It is with our own free will to decide if we follow the path intended for ourselves, or if they will be repeated in the next reincarnations again, and again until you choose freely to will it.


Protections boost our confidence and thus empower our free will to not be so influenced by external intentions, negative or positive. In order to heal from a good health spell, we have to accept the healing influences from the spell. Someone who is not open to receiving the healing will not be influenced by a good health spell. The same can be said with baneful magick. Sending negativity at someone will only be successful of the negative influence has any impact on that particular person. Someone who is strong willed is more unlikely to be impacted by external influences sent at them. This is why it sometimes takes a weakened mind or vulnerable state of being to be strongly impacted by others energetic intentions. It is often the advice of other witches to start a practice with protecting yourself first and foremost.

So, in reference to the question submitted, if someone is committed in their thinking, or not interested at all, a love spell may not have any effect. If however there is a slightest of interest from the other person a love spell may influence the target to explore those feelings further. It is with their own free will to do so, making the spell successful. The same can be said with a love potion. Who ever drinks the portion will be influenced to fall in love, not forced. Here is an example of how one type of love potion is made in this previous blog entry: Making a love potion.

How can it be harmful?

One way where love potions and love spells can become a problem is with mistaken or unnoticed infatuation which a love spell can exacerbate it to a whole new level. Understanding your target, and doing the shadow work beforehand can help to determine the right approach with spellwork and eliminate many of these challenges in the workings. Any spell can have unforeseen consequences of not properly and thoroughly considered beforehand.

Shadow work can be a valuable tool in sorting out for yourself if a love spell should even be used in your particular situations.

Love spells are not bad. They are very often misunderstood, or performed with the impossible intention of controlling someone else - which just isn't going to happen - no matter how powerful of a witch you are.

Here is an example of a love spell in this previous blog entry: A Love Spell.

Hope that this helps.

Many blessings✨

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