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A love ritual example

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you please share an example of a love spell?"

Absolutely! There are so so many many different examples of spells online or share within popular social media these days. It's important with any spell work that it's ritual and influence feels personally satisfying to you as a practitioner of your own magick. With spells that are provided by others, always implement your own style, intention, and practices into the work to make the workings your own.

Beforehand, I like to really contemplate the reasoning behind doing any spell, and staying true to inner self's desire. But, especially with spells that involve love.

In my opinion, shadow work can be hugely instrumental in being sure spells are not done unnecessarily, and helps avoid spells leading to undesirable results or outcomes.

In case helpful: shadow work in my opinion.

Love spells and potions are by far the most popular sought out magickal workings amongst new witches than any other form of magick. This example below is intended to bring two people together to form a strong loving solid connection. It does not work well for brief encounters or quick love affairs, etc.

Here is one simple example in hopes helpful:

To begin, you'll need a long ribbon red in colour (or can be white. If protection is in order, use black, etc) and create two poppets or representations of the two people to bring together. One of them may represent yourself, if you wish and the other of another specific person, or a yet-to-be-known person with specific qualities. Add those specific qualities into the second poppet doll.

Some examples of poppet dolls can be seen in this video: working with poppets. To which, this spell was also mentioned.

Activate each poppet to be associated as the people that each represents. Consecrate it, Bless it, or do as per part of your practice. When the poppet feels ready, it can then be used as a tag in the spell.

Lay the ribbon long and straight, placing a doll at each end of the ribbon. While envisioning in your mind these two people happily together, slowly move each doll along ribbon towards eachother. Continue to visualize their happiness. If you're one of the people represented, then be in that moment of happiness to which comes from coming together with the other person represented. Incantations can be spoken to help focus the intention.

When the poppets meet in the center of the ribbon, the ribbon can then be wrapped around them and both left to sit together 'wrapped in eachother's love' - not to be disturbed. The length of time of this is up to the practitioner. If intending a marriage to form, tie the ribbon ends together binding the poppets together, and place somewhere to be left undisturbed.

Personally, with this type of working in a spell, if the poppets are made from biodegradable materials only, like stick/vine poppets for example, I like to place somewhere undisclosed, in a forest, amongst nature. Somewhere where they won't be discovered and in a place I think would make the perfect "cabin" location, or get-away spot for these two loving people (poppets) to be alone and together. After 'hiding' the working, I would spend some time in that area thinking about the offering, or requesting assistance from ancesters, the universe, Deity, Fae, or whatever part of your practice. After leaving, I would not return to the location.

It is in hopes that this example is helpful. Thank you for reading my blog!

If you're curious, please feel free to submit your questions to

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