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Cleansing incoming negative influence

Updated: Feb 7

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"My ex is casting spells against me... Can you help?"

Thank you for submitting this concerning question! The best advice that I can give for situations like this is to cleanse, ground and protect yourself from external negative influences that may be directed towards you.

This previous blog entry may help: Protecting yourself further.

In my personal experience, I find cleansing ritual baths very helpful for this purpose, and can be done before initiating other spellwork, meditation, journaling, etc. Or, especially before skyclad ritual! Afterall, we are most powerful as our natural selves.

As long as you resonate and personally connect with the intention of your working, it doesn't really matter how your desire is symbolically implemented. Just as long as the ritual feels successful and is personally satisfying to you... That confidence, mental structure and grounding will empower your free will to not be influenced by your ex's workings against you any longer.

This previous blog post explains more about ritual baths: feel free to change and tailor this ritual bath description to your intention to instead removing influences. Here is an example:

Spell removal ritual bath:

Sprinkle some black salt or dirt in a bathtub as a neutralizer.

Place a mirror near the bathtub.

Sit in the bath and chant,

“Dirt [or salt] that fell, cleanse well,

reverse any spell, that may dwell."

... Repeat three times.

Light both a pink and white candle.

As you do so, place the picture of yourself or a representative sigil, or symbolic object, between them.

Hold rose petals as a symbol of peace and love. As you do this, chant,

“I release me, myself from this burden”

... Repeat three times.

Place the rose petals in the bath water as well. Sit in the spell watching yourself in the mirror while cleansing and washing away the effects of your ex's workings against you.

When you feel the bath finished, drain the water and clean the tub of everything. Take any remains of the peddles/dirt/etx. outside and bury them. Place the mirror under a tree and face its reflection away from your house (i.e. away from you) reflecting any other external influences away. Keep the mirror in place into you feel the influences have faded to nothing.

After you feel the work is completed and successful, smoke cleanse and clear yourself and your home and recharge or setup new protections to be sure that your ex's every doesn't creep it's way back in again somehow.

Here is a provide blog entry in smoke cleansing and black salt: in case helpful.

Thank you for visiting Please feel free to submit any other question or provide suggestions or feedback.

Many blessings✨

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