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Protecting yourself further

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What other ways can you protect against magick?"

One of the first advice that I've noticed many give to others in terms of beginning witchcraft is to learn to protect yourself before initiating in spellwork. In my opinion, this is good advice.

Aside from opening a circle as one form of personal protection that I've already discussed in a previous blog entry:

Thank you for this question in response to the previous blog entry mentioned above. There are many other ways in which you can make yourself to feel more protected.

With what can feel like so much negativity in the world, staying protected can be important to feel more confident and avoid any external negative influences.

A common comment that I have seen often in some online communities is "... I think I've been hexed! ..." Many may think this when in fact it's rather quite unlikely. An actual hex would require huge amounts of energy and time. So much so that it is rarely worth doing in most cases. ...and, you might be surprised how often a curse can simply be washed away.

More about curses and hexes has been written in another previous blog entry:

When considering protections, one also needs to consider what is being protected, and against what?

"What is your intention" for the protections? To narrow this down, let's take a look at the multiple layers of energetic protections with naming a few example spells for each;

Multiple Layers of protection

✓ General external energy protections

Examples: a Reversal Spell

a Binding

a Witches Bottle


✓ Property protections

Examples: a Perimeter Blessing

an Area Ward

specific plants, shrubs,



✓ House hold protections

Examples: a Negativity Ward

a Witch's Ladder

specific potted plants,



✓ Personal protections

Examples: a Smoke Cleansing

an Energy Clearing

a wearable ward


✓ Internal psychic/spiritual protections

Examples: Shadow Work

an Energy Sheild

a Cord Cutting Spell


✓ External spiritual protections

Examples: Deities

Spirit Guides



Whether you include the Law of Three beleifs into your practice or not, protections are a good idea and defending yourself is not considered to be harmful or baneful magick.

The Law of Three

There is a general rule about magick that is a metric to the practices of many Wiccans and Witches, called the rule of three also known as the law of three. Basically, it means what ever intentions are sent out comes back to r sender 3 x fold (or stronger). So, for example: if you sent out positive, healing, blessings, prosperity, etc. for others then you will get three times more blessings and prosperity coming back towards you. However, if you sent out negativity, curses, harm, etc. than you will get back three times more harm back to you... and so on.

This is also the basis or underlining idea behind a reversal spell which sends back energy that has been sent out returning it to the caster.

This general rule itself provides a level of protection with this as a fundamental part of the structure to some practices. Afterall...

"what goes around, comes around".

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through and read my blog. At any time please feel free to submit your questions to

Safe journey and blessed be.

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