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Opening/closing a circle

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted question covered in this blog/video/pictures:

"How do you cast a protective circle?"

This is a kind of personal question, which I sincerely welcome and thank whom submitted it, as there are many different ways to open and close a circle for magickal workings. It really depends on your own practice and what feels right to you individually, or with a group if so. However, in this blog/video I will describe how i personally do it in my private outdoor circle space.

In my outdoor personal circle space, I often cast protective circles for spellwork or rituals. Circles are designated sacred spaces to contain energies within. It can be indoors, or outside, really it can be anywhere. Choose an area that is at least 3 meters by 3 meters (or 9 feet by 9 feet).
It can be marked with a rope, or outlined with salt, or anyway that feels right to you, so that you can see it's perimeter. My outdoor sacred space is marked with a stone brick path that surrounds the area and spirals towards the center. In the centre of the circle I will setup an alter where I do my workings with the raised and contained energies.
I will start by cleansing myself, removing any unwanted energies that may be surrounding me and cleansing my aura with a selenite crystal wand to bring balance to my chakras and energy centers. I will also use moon water to bless myself with purity in my intentions for the energies about to be raised. I will meditate before casting the circle.
Take the time that you need... I like to start by sweeping unwanted energy out of the space and around the perimeter of the circle.
Using my athame and wand I will "draw" the circle perimeter with my energy creating the sacred space within it. Invoking the four directions starting in the east calling the quartets or guardians of each direction with incantation. I will use moon water to bless the area which the circle is being cast. All the while moving in a clockwise direction to open it, also known as deosil.
When the circle is open i will begin any workings or spellwork to be done while in this protected sacred space. The energies of the spellwork stay contained in the circle until the circle is closed and the raised energy is released. I also like to do some journaling, reflection, or meditation, or inviting gods or goddesses to join me.
Within the space i have some little statues of nature that i find calming to look at. There are also assorted herbs that grow between the paths which blooms appear closer to the summer time. The video was filmed in the beginning of spring and so have not grown yet.
To close the circle I use my athame and wand to disburse the perimeter releasing the spell's energy to manifest. I go in an anti-clockwise direction to close the circle, also known as widdershins (opposite to the east that it was opened). Take some time to thank the gods or goddesses that joined you, or the energies involved in any spellwork completed. At this point of the closing, I ground any remaining energy by stabbing my athame into the ground in the centre.
This personal circle space of mine can also used for coven gatherings which the circle is used by a group of witches together.
That is basically it.

Please note that this is only a basic example of one personal perspective to the opening and closing of protective circles and does not reflect the multitide of ways in which one can implement circles into their practice.

The reason that I like to use this Labrinth style garden as a sacred space is because within grows herbs and medicinal plants, etc. that are useful in my craft and practices.

As usual, if I can clarify further on my own thoughts and ideas or if you have questions, please feel free to send me an email to or submit your comments and questions at

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