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Curses and Hexes

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How do you cast a hex on someone?"

This is an interesting question and although I am thankful to receive it, I am hesitant to describe the steps and stages of how to do a hex unless i know that there is experience with working baneful magick.

However, I can explain what a hex is. In order to describe what a hex is, I feel I must first explain the difference of what a curse is.

A curse is the opposite of a blessing. It is like a negative wish upon someone else. It is actually quite commonly done and some curses can be done easily, even by non-witches. A simple hand gesture, like raising a middle finger at someone is a very simple form of a curse. The results of a simple curse are usually short lived and not always very impactful depending on the seriousness of the feelings involved. A curses strength may depend on the emotions involved. Also, curses do tend to backfire if uncontrolled when sent out. For example, road rage often results in a curse being sent towards the other driver. That rage involved can backfire onto the sender, in this example if no longer focused or paying as close attention to their driving (cause an accident) or their health (high blood pressure, etc.), Or their mental state (not think about the consequences to their actions before it's too late). Being confident and sure if one's self is often enough to avoid the influences caused by a simple curse. Protections can be done too avoid influence from stronger curses.

A hex is a bit different than a curse, as it is done through spellwork, is also intended to bring negative misfortune or harm and the effect can last a long time. It is the total opposite to a healing spell and it's effects can be devastating. Sending vast negativity at someone, it is often mistaken for a curse. But, it is not like a curse, as it's much more direct and consistent along side workings. The influences caused by a hex are often unavoidable in most cases. It requires practically feeling literal long-standing hate for someone in order to acheive results and is also often performed repetitively. Much protection and focus is advised when performing a hex so not too backfire the attempt into one's self or those surrounding. The results really depend on the baneful intentions involved in the spellwork. A hex can sometimes be undone by undoing the original harm that invoked the need for such hate.

That being said, it takes soooo much energy and effort for someone to cast a hex that it is very draining. Not to mention, other witches themselves most often use their own personal protections against malicious workings against them. In most cases, it's not actually worth doing in the first place. Quite often a banishment, or a binding or a reversal spell or a blessing will suffice. Hexes are actually quite rarely done by witches because of this. Curses on the other hand can be very simple and quickly done. Often, simply done with words.

It is in hopes that this information is helpful in understanding that doing hexes should be avoided. Unless very experienced or knowledgeable in those kinds of baneful workings, it would not be recommended to try to do.

Was this helpful? Did this blog entry make sense? If not, please feel free to let me know of your questions or concerns by submitting them to me at the homepage and I will try to elaborate here for you further.

Stay safe everyone, and blessed be.

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