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Controlling free will

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can a spell control someone else's free will?"

This is a topic that has alot of hype and misconceptions that have lead to many witches showing concerns for in public forums and in social media for years. However, the truth is that the absolute only person who can control their free will themselves!

The definition of Free Will is: "The notional capacity or ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. Free will is closely linked to the concepts of moral responsibility, praise, culpability, sin, and other judgements which apply only to actions that are freely chosen."

For this very question, many practitioners feel that they need to ask permission from their target first before casting a spells onto someone else no matter what intentions are involved. In theory by asking permission a caster is working to avoid potential negative Law-of-three outcomes: that what is sent out come back three times fold. This perception is often applied to certain types of workings more than others, like the concept of love spells. For example, is a spell intended to influence someone else to fall in love with you actually the formation of a genuine relationship?

In my opinion, Yes - it is. Because, the target of the working would still need to go-with-the-flow of the 'new idea' that has been presented to them - no one is forced to blindly obey. Spells can have an impactful effect on others when it has caught the interest of the target and there is a willingness to follow through with the intention. Even hexes and curses must find ways of influential impact by exploiting possibilities of weakness or vulnerabilities in order to make any difference. More about curses and hexes is available in this orbits blog entry:

If intending to send blessings and well wishes to someone else, then from my perspective, permission to do so is not required. In the same way as I wouldn't ask permission before sending a get-well-soon card or some flowers, etc. to someone who was healing from an injury or illness. So, why would I then need permission to send influence for the promotion of fast healing with a spell?

To my knowledge other religions, such as Catholic, or Christian, etc. do not ask permission before initiating in prayer for someone else.

Free will is always our own and can never be controlled by another. Each of us ultimately has the choice to follow through with magickal influences of any spell. The more open to, or vulnerable to persuasion a target of a spell is the more likely they will be influenced by a spell caster's intented manifestation. The more confident and strong minded a target of a spell is the less probable of desired outcome - unless, the target agrees with the same intentions themselves.

This is fundamentally how protections work. By raising confidence, our free will is empowered to be less vulnerable to any external influences. More about protections is available in this previous blog entry:

However, I do beleive that there ARE instances when a magickal caster should ask permission before involving someone else in individual spellwork. Such as, to do spells for someone else's intentions instead of your own. For example, doing someone else's spell for them instead of them doing their spell for themselves. One should never just go ahead and do spells on behalf of someone without understanding all of the conditions, details, and variances of the situation. As well as considered any possible ramifications or consequences that may be unforeseen, etc. Getting permission first and involving the target in the process of the workings also allows you to ask questions, gain related knowledge with the targets insight, and to be sure you have considered all aspects and have all of the information that you need to consider beforehand.

Thank you to whom submitted this question. It is in hopes helpful. Please, always feel free to reach out if I can clarify or answer any other questions.

Thank you as well for reading my blog!

Blessed be.

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