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A quantifiable change in trust

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you know spells to make someone with trust issues trust you again"

Thank you for this relatable question. Building trust is an important aspect to the development of any relationship whether it be a neighbour, friend, relative, co-worker, colleague, or future, current or past significant other, etc.

It feels necessary to first point out that trust is usually built in layers over long periods of time. Free will is always our own. And so, Honouring commitments, admitting when wrong, and being honest will compliment the influence to trust you and enhance workings such as a trust spell.

The more reason this someone has been given to not trust you, the less influence a spell like this will have. However, if you feel that this someone needs to heal first, I'd suggest allowing or working towards that first, before attempting a trust spell or simular to the simple suggestion below:

A quick word of caution: If giving the target of a trust spell actual reasons to not trust you, then doing the trust spell could actually cause harm. Such as, if the other person is influenced to trust you more and of you break that trust, they may feel more vulnerable or be even more hurt from the trust that has been built up if/when it is broken. (If so, would be working against the workings of your own spell). Simular with someone who already has had trust issues themselves, they may not feel the influence of trusting very strongly. Especially if they require help to work out some of their own shadows of inner issues regarding trusting others (within their own lives) before trust can even truely be established concretely - magickally or not.

There are many trust spells that involve two or more people to be trusted that are required to participate. Such as, a blood oath spell. However, there are also workings that send out influence to trust to a target from the caster alone.

This spell shared here is a more basic cast. It's meant to be used to build on existing trust with someone, and to assist with aligned mundane actions.

Trust Spell

For this spell, you'll need a pen or pencil, piece of paper, a candle, and a fireproof dish.

Place a ritual candle in or near a fireproof container (or cauldron). I like to use 1 hour burntime candles. But, You can use any candle really. Tea-lite candles would work. Just never leave lit candles unattended.

Charge the candle with your energy inwhich envisioning this "someone" now trusting you. Lite the candle, and sit with it with this vision in your mind. Then, Write this someone's name on a piece of paper and whilst slowly drawing the best circle you can around their name moving in a clockwise direction, concentrate on their face and them trusting you, until the circle is completely drawn.

An incantation can also be spoken, such as, for example:

"Your trust from you "someone's name" is what I desire. Wind, Earth, Air, and Fire. Ruled by spirit as all should be. As I speak, so shall it be. So mote it be." - I don't usually share incantation examples because you can say your own words just as long as you speak from your heart, with intention. If you feel you can connect with your inner desire unspokenly while drawing the circle, by all means then don't use an incantation.

Best started doing during a new moon to encourage new beginnings of trust.

Do the above again and again as many times as you feel necessary. Numeroligically speaking for example, you could redraw nine circles around the name, each time knowing that person trusts you and each time also repeating the incantation (if using). When you feel satisfied that enough influence has been built up - set fire to the peice of paper over the flame of the candle and place into the fireproof dish, container or cauldron so to allow to burn completly and not hurt yourself. Watch it burn and feel the new reality of your intention. Continue to sit with the candle as it continues to burn out. Think about or meditate on this person now trusting you. Let the candle continue to burn completly out.


Feel free to repeat this ritual as often as felt required or necessary. As mentioned, trust often has to be built in layers and over periods of time. Have patience. And, giving this other person more reasons to choose to follow through with the influence that they feel from the spell to trust you is an important step to be confident in your magick. Your genuinity will boost and greatly assist with this spell's results.

Follow through with your magickal intention as it manifests in the mundane.

Be safe always,

Blessed be.

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