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...Is the spell even working?

Updated: Jan 29

The submitted question covered in this blog:

" that a sign that it [my spell] is working?"

Thank you so much for submitting this question and including the spell workings described within the original submitted message. When completing a spell it is extremely important that the workings are personally satisfying to you. And, you alone.

Especially with candle magick, sometimes a spells outcome can be foreseen by scrying the resulted working. For example, reading the ways in which a candle burns, or by scrying the flame during or scrying the wax afterwards, etc. This can be a great confirmation that your spell appears to be in fact "working".

Confidence is key! You have to believe in yourself and in your magick in order for it to succeed. Otherwise, you are working against your own intention.

Many times online, I have seen witches post their spell working results either as a picture to be interpreted by looking for symbols or references of the intention involved. Or, by providing written descriptions of their findings or results. Then, asking for other's interpretations. Personally, i tend to not respond to these kinds of posts online in social media because no one can tell one about their own working better than themselves! For example, If you are performing a candle spell, it is up to you to determine what the final results may mean to you personally. No one else has your experiences, associations or intentions that went into the spell during your workings, ritual or technique of manifestation. Others may be able to provide general clues to the meanings of symbolisms, etc. However, only you can finely interpret the associations and synchronistic messages that may be noticed during a spell working.

More information about this can be found in this previous blog entry: Unexpected Outcomes from Spells.

As well as this previous blog entry about love spells: Love Spells: Good vs Bad.

Some questions that come to my mind for you to ask yourself are:

  • What did the results of the workings of your spell say to you?

  • What was the significance to you in what happened during the spell's ritual?

  • How did it make you feel while it was happening?

  • What were the intuitive messages being received at the time?

  • Or, when an outcome of the spell was first noticed?

Meditating, or Journaling about your spells, before and afterwards, can assist in understanding our own personal associations better. Short and simple written shadow work exercises can also be helpful in not only determining where spells may have gone wrong, what could have been done differently, or what went well, what could be repeated again next time, or changed to increase success based on your own energetic personal associations.

More about shadow work is available at:

It is in hopes that this is helpful.   In short, No one can fully tell you what it means, other than yourself.  

What does it say to you? 

Spell work is powered by intention. Being confident is important with any divination. Trust your Instincts, and Follow Your Intuition.

Blessed be.

Thank you for reading my blog! It is in hopes that it has been helpful. If you have questions, please consider submitting them at

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