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Unexpected outcomes from spells

Updated: May 22, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"...Why didn't my spell work?"

This is a terrific question! Because, even when spells are successful the ways in which the results were reached can be very unexpected. Let alone, when spell results don't even seem to go as expected! Thank you to whom submitted this, as there are many reasons why spells can have effect sometimes leading to what seems to be an undesirable outcome.

While performing the workings of aspell, it's important to focus on the desired outcome intented from doing the work right from the start. If within the caster of the spell there is any self doubt or disbelief in their own magick, then you are basically working against your own intentions. Trusting your instincts, and following your intuition - that level of confidence is key (in my opinion) to successful manifestation. The more satisfied you feel from the working, the even more likely. The more confident you feel the more likely your desire will come to fruition.

That being said, feel free to manipulate or change any existing spells that are found online, in books, or share by other witches. What works for them may not necessarily work for you, and vice versa. We each have our own associations that can be implemented into any working so to connect with the intention as much as possible. Go by what you know, and do it your own way. Be sure that you resonate with the workings in a way that boosts your intentions.

If you haven't done the shadow work first involving the process, subject or target of your spell, there can be internal interferences regarding your true intention within the workings. For example, one may later regret casting hexes or curses suddenly, impulsively, or without thinking though the possible consequences that could arise from such a spell. Or, to prepare for the possible ways in which the influence could reach the result. Get to know your inner self well enough to anticipate such interferences.

Some example of shadow work exercises and prompts available at:

However, the reasons a spell may go awry is not always because of the caster not doing it right, or not having confidence in their workings, etc.

Learning about and knowing all of the factors involved in the situation can be critical to not allow external influences from interfering with your desire.

There can be interference from external influences from others who feel negative about the topic or target of your spell. Or, if your working against another magickal practitioner's intentions. For example, if any protections have been setup around your target, or if another's negative influences are directed against your own influence. There could be other intentions that do not align with your own coming from other influencers involved. If other witches are working spells opposite to the workings of your own spells, the outcome can become undesirable, arratic, or even chaotic.

Practitioners of magick are not the only ones who can interfere with the direction of outcomes from spells... it is my fundamental opinion that anyone can manifest, even Cowan's, the mundane, and does not even actually require witchcraft. Witchcraft is just one of the menu different ways that the spirituallity of humanity has learned to manifest. And so, common folk and general public work can play a part in the larger scheme of things.

Then there are possible higher influences, depending on practices. For example: Perhaps a deity was offered to assist in an 'oppositioned' spell ritual that works against my simple candle spell. Or, perhaps a past ancestor or spirit (of yours as the caster or of their's as the target) simply said, "No". Many times often some do not realize the help and assistance that is available right around them from connections with spiritual energy.

Each and every person has their intended life's path. Thanks to the power of free will, it is impossible for magickal spells to control another, or make decisions for others, or change the opinions of someone else. The ways in which magick becomes interactive is by energetic influence. It is always up to the mind of the target of any spell to choose to follow through with the influences around them. The strong minded or extremely stubborn are much harder to influence than someone who may be more vulnerable to persuasion.

It is in hopes that this makes sense, and does not discourage anyone from attempting spellwork to be successful. On the contrary!!! In looking at the possible outcomes, determining the true intentions, and preparing beforehand, will empower your rituals and spellworkings in every realm of the craft.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel that I could clarify further, and of course, if there are other questions they can be submitted at

Take good care,

Blessed be.

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