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Assistance quitting a bad habit

The submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you know a spell to help quit smoking?"

Any bad habit can be difficult and challenging to overcome, especially something as common as to quit smoking cigarettes. But, not limited to. It can include anything from nail biting, to over spending, or procrastination, etc. Creating a magickal substitute-action to the 'craving' could help to avoid falling into the temptation of continuing whatever bad habit wanting to avoid. A bad habit can be any tempting repeated action that you would like to give up or to stop doing. It is usually a behavioral pattern that is seen as being negative, or having a negative impact.

To get started, you'll need 3 crystals (Amethyst, or other that you resonate with). Can be any size, or as a substitute can even just use clear quartz or even three black stones found outside amongst nature.

You'll also need 3 black ritual candles (about an hour or so burn time each). Can be white, orange, or yellow, or other colour that you resonate with the intention of quitting the old habit). White is always a good substitute for any colour of candle.

Before beginning, feel free to dress one of the candles in Patchouli oil and herbs. Can use an infusion of cedar or sandlewood, etc. with olive oil or mineral oil, etc. as a substitute (careful getting on skin if sensitive or allergic). Herbs that can be used are rosemary, sage, or another of your choosing that resonates with the intention of the working. The candle can also be dressed in black salt if you feel would add to the cleansing and banishment of the addictive habit. I personally also like to add cinnamon to boost the spell's empowerment.

Using one of the dressed candles, surround with the stones or crystals. Light the one candle and envision receiving the benifits of no longer having that particular bad habit. For example, improved health, better lifestyle, more money in your wallet, no longer smoking, etc. ...And having self control over what you choose to do.

This would be the perfect time to speak an incantation, blessing or prayer depending on your practice and traditions. Assistance may also be summoned at this time of wotking with a diety, ancestor, or spirit guide, etc. depending on your practice and traditions. While the candle burns, meditate and continue to visualize the desired outcome. Do what feels right to you during this moment.

Once you feel satisfied with the working you can allow the candle to burn completly out. - Never leave a burning candle unattended. Once the candle has burned completely out, thank any assistance offered during, and gather one of the stones or crystals to carry with you in your pocket.

As you continue throughout your day, remember the stone or crystal you have in your pocket and that it carries the energy of the candle spell with you. When you feel the slightest temptation to do the undesired bad habit, hold the stone in your hand, rub it with your finger, and draw in the energy and experience of doing the candle spell. Remind yourself of the visualization of the bad habit no longer needed, and no longer effecting you. Hold onto the stone or crystal until the urge passes.

If you still find it difficult to resist the bad habit, do the ritual again with the second candle, and afterwards, gather a second charged stone or crystal to also carry with you. Now with both stones or crystals in your pocket, remembering their intention to remind you that bad habit is no longer in your life. Having the influence of two stones or crystals should assist with breaking the habitual behaviour. If you are still finding it difficult to resist with two stones or crystals, do the ritual again with the third candle and then gather all three of the stones or crystals and carry them all with you. You could also place the stones in strategic locations around your home or work place where they would assist to avoid the bad habit. At this point during this spellworking, if using all three stones and their influence is still not helping resist the bad habit, there could be further underlining issues for yourself to acknowledge and address first with other self workings or through shadow work.

More information about shadow work is available in this previous blog entry: which also includes a link to shadow work expanded in further, as well as shadow work journaling exercise examples.

It is in hopes that the simple spell shared here is helpful. Please keep in mind that anything learned here should be adapted to suit your unique associations and practices. Feel free to add to or change whatever you see fit that would be most connecting to you. Afterall, the more satisfying spellwork is to the caster, the more likely the intention will manifest.

If there are any questions, either regarding the above or in a new topic, all inquiries can be submitted at

Thank you for reading my blog!

Blessed be.

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