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Petition to remove/banish

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted question covered in this blog/video:

"How would you banish someone from your life?"

Thank you for submitting this question. There are many other ways in which to banish someone or have someone removed from your life. Such as but not limited to: with a binding, use of a poppet, elemental banishing, a vinegar spell, etc. However, the petition method described below (and in the video) has worked well for me in the past and so, i thought I'd share it here.

One way that i have banished someone from my life is with the use of a petition spell with intention.
For this spell you will need a piece of paper, a pen, and a fireproof container or a cast iron cauldron. Start by writing the person's name on the paper. You can also include birthdate, or any other identifying information. While writing imagine the end result of the spell, that this person has been removed from your life.
Turn the paper counter clockwise (widdershins) which is the direction to use to remove or banish them. Write your intention over top of the existing writing which should now appear sideways. Be specific in your desire.
Then turn the paper again counter clockwise (widdershins), this direction is used for removal. Write the timeframe of your desire. Be specific. You can write a specific date or a general timeframe. Etc.
Turn the paper one last time counter clockwise and sign it with your signature, or use your magickal name. Continue to imagine the end results of the shower throughout. Say goodbye to the person being banished.
Now with the paper infront of you, folks it closed away from you. Visualize the person leaving your life. Turn country clockwise and fold again away from you. Visualize the person going away from you whilst. Turn it once more counter clockwise and fold it away from you one last time. Say goodbye.
It is now your petition. It can be placed in a spell jar, a sachet, or included in further spellworkings. Personally, i like to burn it in my cauldron to release the energy to the universe to manifest. Be careful around fire. The petition could be burned atop a candle and then placed in a fireproof container or cauldron to burn. While the petition burns, continue to say goodbye to the person to be removed from your life. Visualize them leaving within the timeframe specified in the petition . Focus on them no longer in your life. Feel the relief of them gone. Continue to say goodbye as the petition burns completely.
This would be a good time to say a personalized incantation. Speak your desires from the heart. Trust your intuition. As the petition burns away, the energy is released.
Sometimes spells can manifest in different ways. The person my simply stop calling, or stop contacting or they may find another job, or they may move away, etc. This spell is not intended to cause harm. Only to influence the person described in the petition to leave you alone.
If need be it can be repeated until the influences are strong enough for the person to follow through and go away. When the petition is burned completely, the spell is done.
The remnants of the ash can be buried or discarded outside. That's basically it!

Please feel free to change this spell as you see fit to suite your own intentions. Afterall, the more personally satisfying a spell is when it is cast, the more likely that it will manifest.

-- Image taken of removing obstacles spell during a transition.

It is in hopes that this is helpful. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns by submitting them to me at the homepage or I am always happy to provide more information.

Journey safe, and blessed be.

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