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Fire scrying magick

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you explain how to do fire divination?"

There are many different forms of fire divination. If you are familiar with candle magick, you may already be familiar with fire scrying. Thank you for submitting this interesting question!

Generally, scrying is done by staring into something and concentrating for the purpose of divination. Visions and images within the mind's eye are interpreted intuitively during a scying season by the individual doing the scrying. Many people prefer to scry using shiny surfaces like a mirror, a crystal ball, or even a bowl of water, and another popular method is that of staring at a fire's flames.

During a candle spell, the flame of the candle can sometimes be read with scrying to get a sense of the spell's outcome or chance of success. Some witches that I know will also scry the shapes of the remaining wax observed after a candle has completely burned out within the use of spell work.

Scrying with fire can be done with any flames whether a large bon fire set outdoors, or the flame of a candle indoors. Whilst taking time to watch the flames. Let the fire grow taller and bolder and brighter, as each bit of kindling (or section of wick) catches fire. Allow yourself to relax by breathing evenly with deep breaths becoming comfortable as the fire continues to blaze. When you have a good strong fire going, focus your vision on the center of the dancing flames themselves. Don’t worry about staring too intently, just relax and rest your eyes and focus your sight where it is most comfortable.

Drawing the energy of the flames toward you, allow yourself to feel the energy and your strong will power. Fire is often associated with action, creating or destroying, healing or harming, strength and power.

While watching the fire flicker, dance and flash, what images do you see in the flames? Some can see very clear images, while others may only see shapes and hints of what is being expressed. Look for images that seem familiar to you and what stands out or take notice of any repetitive patterns. You may hear the crackling of the wood, the roar of larger flames, the snapping of embers. Listening carefully, some have said they hear faint voices speaking or singing in the fire. Pay close attention to the thoughts and ideas that enter your mind, which may seem unrelated until you ponder it's meaning further. If there is any information that is received which doesn't quite make sense, sit on it for a few days and let your unconscious mind process it.

Journaling or writing down your experience can be helpful for self reflection afterwards. Chances are, messages that seem unclear may make sense eventually, if not right away. Be sure to review your notes later on, and reflect on the things that have come up during the fire scrying sessions. If you scry regularly, be sure to compare your notes from one session to the next, and take notice of messages or images that seem to repeat or appear often. If something doesn't seem to apply to you, think about those close to you, and who the message might be more appropriately meant for.

Spend as much time as you need watching the flames. However, if you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious, or fidgety, etc. then stop, relax and ground yourself, and purhaps try again another time when you are more centered and focused. Meditation beforehand can assist with maintaining a calm and relaxed, grounded state of mind.

When you feel ready to end your fire scrying session, simply look away from the fire, relax your eyes and take a few minutes to calm yourself. You may feel a high sense of energy, or an unusual sensation of clarity, or you may feel neither or nothing at all. Each may experience a different sensation during or after. Listen to and trust your intuition.

It is ok to leave the fire burning afterwards if you wish and if it is safe to do so. Or, feel free to extinguish the flame, or to snuff the candle out when you are done. Sniffed candles can retain their charged energies to be re-lit with the same intentions for another time.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my blog! Do you have questions? Please consider submitting them at and a response will be posted shortly after.

Bright blessings,

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