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Making money from spellwork

Updated: Jan 29

Submitted questions covered in this blog/video: "Do you make money from doing spells?"

There are two different ways that I can think of in which to address this question -- thank you for btw!

One way that I have technically made money from spellwork (from my perspective) is by achieving manifestations. Such as spellwork to succeed financially or assisting with mundane actions through out life tasks and objectives. For example, when I was much younger, I manifested the house and home that I wanted to live in and did live in years later, and still do to this day. I couldn't have achieved it without the hard work and dedication I put in that was required in order to follow through with the manifested steps laid out before me. Like, the pieces all came together at just the right moments for it to have happened successfully. It has been heard work and much of that involved money of course. Money and prosperity spells have also been instrumental in my life when cash was/is needed. In the video, I thought I'd share an example of a simple candle money spell that I do. It can be done to bring money to you and secure your finances.

A money and prosperity spell:
One way that I like to 'make money' from magick is to manifest income and balancing and protection of my finances. For this spell, you will need: a fire proof dish, a green candle, and some change. Use coins of different denominations to encourage all sorts of income. Herbs I will use in this spell are rosemary, cloves, and bay leaves. Should be set aside for later use in the spell. Be sure to charge each herb with intension before using in the spell, rosemary for positivity, cloves for protection, and bay for money.
Start by charging the green candle, working from the center of the candle outwards towards the end of the candle. Herb infusions can be made ahead of time and used in this spell as well by dressing the candle with the oil while charging it with intention. To make an infusion, submerge herb in a base oil, like grape seed, or olive, and allow to soak for a period of time until oil is well infused with the herb. I have decided to add a peppermint infusion to my candle with intention to promote prosperity within the workings of this spell. Oil is always applied to candles starting at the center and working the oil outwards towards the ends, similar to charging with energy. I purchased oil dispensers for my infusions. However, can be applied directly to the candle with your fingers. Be sure that the type of oil used will not harm your skin if using your fingers. Herbs that can cause irritation are Jasmin, Oregano, Lemon Grass, Cinnamon bark, Peppermint, Clove, and some herbs that are phototoxic are Bergamot, lemon, orange, other Curtis. Oils can be diluted with a base to prevent serious reactions on contact.
Stand the candle in the centre of the dish and place the coins around the base of the candle so that the coins sorry the candle from falling over. Use as many coins required to stabilize the candle. Visualize the coins as the incoming money due to the results of the spell. I like to place objects of reference to my intention in the work space when doing spells which helps me to connect with the desired outcome of workings. Such as, for this spell, pyrite crystal, (aka false gold), assorted stones, such as Tiger eye and blood stone, and a crystal ball for focus. Connect yourself with this candle. This can be done with visualization, meditation, or whatever your practice.
Take the bay leaf and crumble it evenly around the candle. Visualize the pieces as individual bills of cash coming in due to the spell. Add the pieces of bay leaf to the dish from all directions around the candle. During, visualize money coming in from different sources. Add the cloves spreading around the candle in a counter clockwise direction to remove obsticles, hense protecting the outcome of the money spell. Add the rosemary around the candle in a clockwise direction to increase the chances of positive outcomes from the money spell. The candle is now ready to be lit.
Always be careful with fire. An incantation can be spoken to focus your intention for the candle. Speak your desires from the heart. Allow the candle to sit undisturbed while it burns and let it burn all the way down and through until the flame extinguishes itself. Ritual size candles should burn for about an hour or so, providing the flame is not disturbed by wind. Close any open windows or doors if needed. While the candle burns, I like to lit incense with associative properties. The incense stick I used in this spell was made from frankincense. I chose to use frankincense during this also to promote relaxation, feelings of peace, and overall well being. Rosemary would also suffice. Other forms of magick can be implemented into this spell, such as carving inscription into the candle, or creating a sigil to place the candle on.
Never leave a burning candle by itself unsupervised!!! This spell should be setup close by so that it can be watched closely. Allow the candle to burn over time. As mentioned earlier, a ritual size candle will burn for about an hour or so. The melting wax will drip down into the coins and then hardern as it cools which secures the coins in place, symbolically securing your finances. It's ok if the herbs catch on fire which will add to the fragrances. This is one reason why a fire proof dish is so important to use. Always be careful around fire. The scent of peppermint and frankincense surrounds the candle encouraging intention of prosperity and we'll being for these workings.
Alternative ideas to add to this spell are: Black salt can be added to the dish as a powerful boost of protection, Mixing dried basil with white sugar can create a money drawing powder, Sprinkling cinnamon powder over the candle can be grounding and adds further protection to the spellwork. This spell can also be done with a dish of water and a floating candle. The dish can also be placed around the home strategically, such as close to the main front door way to promote prosperity entering with you.
When the candle is completely burned out, I will place the dish in front of a framed picture of myself accepting the spellworking's results. That is basically it.

On another related topic, charging a fee for spells to do for others is not a regular occurrence for me. However, I have done spellwork for others, and yes -- I have been paid for my time when my own intentions do not match the intentions of my client. Otherwise, the spells that I charge for are when supplies are required to cover any costs associated, if any.

Usually, when I'm asked if a can do spells for others, my first advise to them is always that spells work best when done yourself. No one can connect with your inner true intentions better than yourself. Always first seek assistance from perhaps a coven, or possibly law friends or family first. Very often I help many who ask me questions by simply explaining examples, providing information, or directing to some online sources of information, for the purpose for them to find what works best for themselves. Expenses may be necessary for the purchasing of supplies, ingredients, or whatever associations to be used in the workings that are not found around the home, or not wanting to learn to make from natural sources from the environment outside. As mentioned in a previous blog, all supplies needed to do witchcraft don't actually cost anything and can be acquired from outside in nature via water, sticks, leaves, herbs, stones, snow, dirt, etc. and that purchasing tools and supplies is not actually necessary in order to learn. Although tools and supplies can help us to connect with our intentions in workings, the best tools are homemade and the best ingredients are self grown/made. I'm always happy to help others along their own journey down a spiritual path such as witchcraft -- hense, this blog!

Thank you for reading!

If I can clarify further or if you have questions, please feel free to submit your comments and questions at or send email to

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