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Freezer binding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"About a freezer spell can I freeze someone for more than one person at a time?"

Thank you for submitting this as it's an interesting question to talk about., And it's a topic that hasn't been asked about as of yet so far. 🙂

First, I feel that I should express what a freezer spell is for those who are curious. It is a kind of defensive magick. A binding is a type of a spell that is often used to prevent another person from causing harm to others, or themselves. One way is to keep repeating an incantation while you do a working that is associated with preventing or stopping someone from doing something or causing harm. The working can be anything that you associate with binding. The more personally satisfying to you - the better. It can be as simple as wrapping someone's picture with a black ribbon while you chant the incantation (symbolically binding them with your intention) Or, it can be as complicated as you feel necessary. Just be sure that what you do is a meaningful process. Follow your instincts and trust your intuition. There are many different kinds of bindings or different ways to bind someone. Which, a freezer spell is one.

The common intention of a freezer spell is to 'stop someone's actions' from causing harm. It's meant to stop someone in their tracks and putting them 'on pause' momentarily. Like, "freezing" them in place (symbolically) for the time being until something else can be figured out on how to deal with that particular person.

Basically, you create an association with a person which can either be via a picture, or a drawing, or a logo, or a sigil, or a petition, or a poppet, or any other tag lock associated to the target of the spell. Once this magickal tag is created (and association established and activated). Then, it is placed in water (I like to use moon water or sun water depending on the situation) into any freezer safe container will work, even perhaps in a ziplock bag. Fill with water only until completely submerged. Then, place in the freezer (or outside during a cold winter) with intention to slow down and stop the efforts or goals is the target while the water freezes to ice.

This can even be done in a puddle or small pond outside right before temperatures drop in the winter season turning the puddle or small pond to ice. When the weather warms melting the ice the target would be then released from the influence of the spell. Or, by taking out of the freezer allowing it to melt or smashing the ice would release the target from the binding and also sets the target free from the influence of the spell. In my opinion smashing the ice releasing the target quickly may result in a quick return of the problem at hand and may require being ready with your next course of action right away. Using more force then needed to smash the 'cage' of ice may briefly shock or stun the target within the situation. Use your intuition and follow your instincts.

Freezer spells do not cause harm itself and are not meant to be perminant. It's often a temporary quick solution to offer opportunity to provide more time to think, decide, contemplate or resolve what to do next. Quite often this can lead to the preparation of more compound or intricate magick to be used further. Other times, a momentary pause is all that's required. This obviously would be depending on the situation causing the need for a freezer spell to be used in the first place, of course.

Back to the submitted question, more than one target can be implemented into a freezer spell if the actions wanting to stop of each are the same or similar intentions involved. For example, two people together committing the same offence. You can also do separate freeze bindings for each target individually so that each can be released separately when ready to deal with each person appropriately. From that point on, different magickal workings further could be applied to each person separately as seen fit, if necessary.

An entire group can also be incorporated into a freezer spell by using the group's commonly used name or title, such as an organization or business, government department, group proceeding, etc. However, please keep in mind that the actions to bind or "freeze" would need to be cooperative amongst the entire group. In other words, the focus would be on the collaborative effort or goal of the entire group all together. This can require much more focus and intention to pull off. But, it is do-able. Sometimes, when dealing with an entire team of people, simply freeze binding the lead or leader of the targeted group is sufficient.

I'd like to reiterate that a freezer spell is not intended to cause harm or destruction in someone's life and (in my view) os not considered a baneful working. It is usually done as a self defence, intended to hold someone back or to take a break from someone's behavior for a moment. It can often give time to rethink a strategy on how to handle a situation that has unexpectedly materialized and may need to be energetically rebalanced in a witch's favour.

Please reach out to me via or if I can make this entry any clearer or provide further example of a freezer spell. Other questions can also be submitted.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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