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Updated: May 19, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you believe in life after death?"

Thank you for this very interesting question. I once told my spirit guides that I was affraid of dying. ...and, they laughed at me as if living is the hard part.

Personally, as a medium who connects with spirits often, I do believe in our energy continuing after death in dinner way it either. I believe in soul contracts and life paths, and as well as reincarnation. It is with human instincts that we are all given chances to learn valued lessons in our energetic journey.

And so, I believe that after death the energy of the person continues to exist as it's carried by others, when it can no longer use the shell of the body for that particular lifetime.

After death there is a sense of resting and relaxing within energy - living is extremely hard! Even communicating withthr living for a spirit is no easy task. In my experience, not only do we need to raise our vibration, spirits also need to lower their vibration in order for both to breach the veil between life and death and be aware of each's presence. It is also believed that this veil is the thinnest during the time of Samhain.

More information about my Samhain traditions can be read about in a previous blog: My Samhain Traditions.

Once a spirit has crossed over the bridge between life and death, I believe that there are reunions with past friends and loved ones' energies and plannings of a future life or lives. It is commonly beleive that eventually, when ready, the spirit goes through whatever energetic agencies of the universe to be reborn back to earth. Within each life lived there is something necessary to the soul's development that is learned or experienced. The lives may be long or short, depending on how quickly the necessary learning or experience. Usually there is no memory of a previous life during the present one. However, Each and every center of a being's energy, also commonly referred to as the chakras, all contain memories of past life experiences within our subconscious mind, also known as the deep shadow self.

Through life regression techniques, meditation, shadow work or with the help of inner aspects of self, etc. via many more ways, these memories can be unlocked and glimpsed upon. However, only as much as we need to know will be revealed. If we knew the complete details of the outcomes of our own fates, we would not experience the learning of the lessons destined in which we were meant to learn for ourselves while alive.

Afterall, the journey is quite often the lesson itself.

The place of spiritual rest and relaxation mentioned above, in regards to an afterlife, is also commonly known by Wiccans as the Summerland, within some Seax Wiccan traditions. This is a conceptualization of the Wiccan understanding of the afterlife.

Some Wiccan traditions describe the Summerland like a land of eternal summer where the grassy fields are always green with clean rivers flowing etc. However, some others may see it as a realm where energy coexists and without forms, converging with the energies of the Gods and Goddesses. And, there are other depictions.

But, does it even exist?

As Raymond Buckland puts it in his book titled, "Wicca for Life":

"Summerland is, as we might expect, a beautiful place. What we know of it is what we have gleaned from people who have returned from near-death experiences, and from accounts obtained by genuine mediums who communicate with the dead."

There are many outlooks and opinions to this raised question.

As I, myself identify as a humanist, within my own personal non-theistic belief, to me, a human spirit seems to be a compilation of energies that we carry with us as human beings, and can be used to our advantage in certain ways though common human ability. This energy seems to be released from the body when we die or pass away, to join the energetic structure of the universe. After a loved one passes away, we carry their energetic expressions with us as memories and presences, etc. And, humans can reconnect with those energies through out their lives causing experiences that resemble spirit communication. These familiar resemblances can be drawn to the surface of the mind to sense, analyse, and determine inner meanings within ourselves, commonly referred to as "spirit messages", or "messages from passed loved ones".

It is in hopes that this is helpful.

If I can elaborate further, please don't hesitate to let me know, this question is very much appriciated. Feel free to reach out with more questions at or take a look through other submited questions posted as previous blog entries.

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