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How often I use magick -typical day

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Submitted questions covered in this blog:

"How often do you use magick, cast spells, etc.?"

Actually, I feel like magick has always been involved in every part of my life, through out each day. So, to answer this question, I thought I'd describe a typical day in my life as a grey witch. Thank you so much to whom submitted this question.

Each morning (almost every day) starts early with tea, meditation and a personal self tarot reading for my day. My crystal ball is often used for focus and staying objective during readings. I will typically do a five card pyramid spread for myself describing the kind of day I can look forward to.

During, I will stir intentions for myself in my tea and keep that in mind while I drink it. Sometimes I will think of an affirmation that I then write on my hand using a magickal black ink that I create myself beforehand from black salt and a plant based alcohol. The word chosen usually relates to or reminds me of my self tarot reading messages or the intention set for my day, and are written in a Theban style alphabet so that I am the only one who can read it through out the day. The remnants of the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup can also be read for messages. If I can expect a busy day, I may secure the affirmation on my skin by applying a basic bees wax salve over it to protect it from running or smudging. Personally, I've known myself to sometimes do glamour spells with self made ointments and salves to get ready for the day. No, that's not for making myself feel pretty -- younger however. I wake up early in the mornings because I do care for hens (chickens) and so each morning before sunrise they are given fresh water and are fed. Eggs are collected and again through out the day as they are laid (well, as soon as I can go get them, bring them in and clean the eggs if needed. The shells are not discarded after use and are stored and made into ingredients for spells, or crushed and spread in the garden to protect vegetable plants from the many rabbits that live around my house.

As a refresher, I take a daily walk through the forests surrounding my home. Sometimes, twice a day, I can be found wandering away from the formed paths to guide and direct myself through the brush and trees. I may collect small items to use as offerings once I'm back home.

To get the day started for everyone within my home, I will often dress an eight hour burn candle with inscriptions, oils and herbs to be burned throughout the day. I often tried to help my children retain focus and interest while doing their school studies remotely during the pandemic restrictions.

The candle is usually placed in the center of my home on the main floor of the house in a fire proof dish or candle holder for everyone inside to feel it's influence of healing, or clarity of thought, flow of joy, blessings or sometimes protection (depending on my intention set). It is often set with an incense burning along side it, and I will ring my singing bowl to encourage calm and relaxation. Also due to the past pandemic restrictions, my spouse and I has to work from home mainly. And so, I am able keep a close watch on the candle while it burns through out the day -- I never leave a candle unsupervised!!! While working on my during-the-day tasks, I might light an additional incense or spray a spritz in the air that I've made to help encourage productivity or to de-stress if needed. I may also hold a tiger eye crystal in my pocket. If doing some house keeping I will use self made infusions and cleansing vinegar solution as cleaners and cleansers. I may also hold aqua aura quartz in my pocket while, or another stone of reverence.

Being the very busy household that it most often is, there are times in the day when I need I moment to just sit and breath or get some fresh air. In this kind of moment, I will do an invisibility spell so not too be found for a moment of peace and quiet. When I do this, I'm not actually turning myself literally invisible. But whilst, no one seems to be able to find me or look where I am when searching for me when I do it. My family often says that I disappear and accuse me of momentarily escaping this plain of existence. 😉

As my full time business, others can book intuitive reading sessions with me at different times in the day, or regarding mediumship, and/or consultation, etc. These sessions can either take place in person or remotely over Zoom or another video chat platform. When doing so, I'll setup my reading table in a descrete location in the house. I can do distant energy reading with the aid of my large crystal ball. Occasionally, I also attend markets and festivals where I give intuitive tarot readings through out my attendance there. These events can sometimes require travel, long days, and some of them go on into the evenings.

Some afternoons, I may do simple rituals, such as smoke cleanse most of the house with a dried herb blend of my own if I feel needed. I may also update and recharge any protection workings that are on going. Consisting of home grown and then dried herbs such as habiscus, rose, rosemary, cedar, pine, and some other very common plants and weeds, or in extreme cases, sage which also grows in my garden.

Most of my dried herbs and plants that I use are from my personal garden that was harvested during the end of the last growing season and then stored to be used throughout the fall/winter/spring seasons. During the growing season, I would need to tend to the gardens before the heat of the summer day, usually in the mornings or evenings, watering, weeding, etc. Sometimes, during the day or towards the evening I will take a short moment to acknowledge spirits, guides, deities, or whomever I've felt around me or influencing me recently around that time. Cooking for dinners quite often involve kitchen magick of love, healing, protection, and blessings for those whom share the meal. With a large family, I have a huge wooden 100+ year old harvest table that I absolutely love! It is blessed regularly and used for all kinds of feasts and meals, celebrations, rituals, workings, magickal preparations, daily meals, planning, discussions, etc.

As all of the activity of my busy household calms down towards the end of the day, late evenings are often the best times for me to set my intentions to manifest, scrye, meditate further, do shadow work or do other spellwork -- especially during new moon or full moon phases. Evening rituals usually involve the opening of a circle, or other protections (depending), as well as calling on spirit, or deity, consecration of tools and/or supplies, magickal workings or spells, libation or showing thanks, or offerings and closing of the circle, then a cleansing of the area and a blessing.

If a coven meeting has been arranged or scheduled, I will attend usually in person for the evening at the agreed upon location and those gatherings can go on into the night depending on what the group is working on. More info about my coven is available at

Almost every night I may cleanse myself with a large selenite wand before I get myself ready for sleep. I may write in my Book of Shadows or my Grimoire. To assist with a restful sleep I will use a lavender oil that I infused beforehand, or if I am planning dream work, I may use mugwart or rosemary before falling asleep to assist with dream recall in the morning. It's effective enough to just skip the herb under my pillow while I sleep. I have used candle magick to have a better and deeper sleep before. Rarely, but sometimes, protections or energy sheilds can be charged or raised for while I am sleeping so not to be disturbed.

My Book of Mirrors is kept beside my bed or on my main alter to be readily available to scribe or analyse any dreams, or describe my experience in the moment after waking up if I feel I have astral traveled in my sleep (which has happened), or visits from dream walking spirits, etc.

The next day starts early and basically a simular cycle continues! Adjusting and adapting to whatever is grown my way for each day depending 😉

If I can clarify further or if you have questions, please feel free to submit your comments and questions at or send email to

Thank you for reading about my typical day!!!

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