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Good witch vs Bad witch?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Are you a good witch? Or, a bad witch?

This is a very appriciated question. Because, I've been asked it before. There is often some confusion around what it means to be a "grey" witch. Sometimes people have difficulties understanding what it means to just be a witch, like I explain in this previous blog entry: Hollywood misconceptions.

As I identify as a grey witch, in my practice there is a relationship with balance in all energetic workings. With this some what of a rare perspective I'm able to explore all sides of what I want through spell work, and also all sides of myself through shadow work. I don't see magick as light or dark, right or wrong, good or bad, nor white and black, etc. From my perspective, magick just is.

Personally, I don't like the terms light and black magick as black magick already has significant meaning historically and does not mean anything negative! Originating from African tribal culture, black magick includes amazing and unique traditions that are considered part of a closed practice. Similar to Voo Doo of Hoo Doo traditions, only those accepted and trained into the rituals and beliefs should one practice the sacred traditions of black magick. For more information about closed practices, check out this other blog entry: Open practices VS Closed practices.

In my practice, it has involved learning as much of the baneful ways in the craft as I have learned to heal and help, giving me a unique perspective in magick. This has allowed me to work in 'grey' areas in order to bring balance.  For example, i wouldn't know how to undo a hex, if I did not know how to perform one in the first place.

Magick, to me, is like a balanced spectrum of energy. We can change that balance by weighing out our desires, and 'tilting' the 'scales' to find a more 'suitable neutralization point' within that positive/negative mix of energies. Sort of like deciding on a neutral colour amongst the spectrum of light.

What's your favorite colour? Not everyone chooses the same comfort levels of light for their eyes. The same can be said for energetic expression. Where I see the 'suitable neutral-zone' or happy middle point in my practice may be very different from someone else's point of view of where they feel the 'suitable middle point' may be due to themselves, depending on their own circumstances and energies involved. We all have our own unique perspectives, personalities and experiences in life.

Does working in 'the grey area' of a field of experience constitute someone as a bad person? Absolutely not! Is the news anchor bad if he/she/they don't have good news? Is a therapist bad for understanding disorderly mental health conditions? Is a doctor bad for studying and experimented with disease? Is a scientist bad to discover a antidote to poison? Is an astrophysisist bad for theorizing and forwarning destructive aspects of the universe? Etc. And so, I ask you: Is a witches bad if their spells are baneful in order to bring more positive outcome or additional learning, Etc.?

Witches are not evil! Are there witches that consider themselves a Bad Witch? - YES! However, that is not what it means to be a "Grey Witch".

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website and for reading my blog. Please feel free to submit your own inquiries at


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