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Useful baneful magick

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is baneful magick bad to use, in your opinion?"

As a grey witch I can very much appriciate this question -and so, Thank you to whom submitted it!

What makes me a "grey" practitioner of magick is that I work with all kinds of energies to find balance. In my practice magick is not good or bad, dark or light, black or white, etc. It just is. And so, baneful magick can sometimes actually be required in order to bring forth a balance.

If you look at it from a light/dark perspective (positive/negative), i work to achieve a "grey zone" in the middle.

Sometimes a little positive is required to balance a negative situation.

Other times, a little negative may be what's needed in order to create some positive again. Sort of like developing, or evolving after a difficult lesson has been learned.

It's never my advice to work negative to negative as this quite often backfires. For example, returning a curse with a curse. I have protections for that. And also, I never work positive to positive for the same reasons. This is why many love spells backfire. Finding the necessary balance required can sometimes involve baneful magick which can influence "the scale" back in the right direction. But, free will is always it's own. If you are mindful of the law of three, bringing balance will return balance. The key is not to over tip the scale off balance, remaining centered.

It's usually my instinct to look at a what's required for a situation similar to determining a balancing of energies.

Some very basic examples:

  • If someone is hurt, would healing not be appropriate? Perhaps it'd help.

  • If someone is being disruptive, would wishing them calm and peace make a difference? Perhaps they'd feel it?

  • If someone seems obsessed, maybe backing away from them or if need, binding them? Perhaps they get the point.

  • If someone has stolen from me, would someone stealing from them show the original thief how it felt/feels? Perhaps they'd not do it again.

  • If someone flips the middle finger to me while driving past me on a road in a fit of rage, would sending a blessing help them through their already troubled day? Perhaps they need it.

  • Etc.

Other information on curses and hexes were included in a previous blog entry:

It is in hopes that this entry has made sense to you as per what i am trying to say in it. LOL comments or questions are always welcome, if you would like me to expand on the above further, just let me know.

Thank you for reading my blog! Please feel free to send me your messages or ask if I can elaborate. Questions can be submitted right from the homepage of

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