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Dangers of Witchcraft

Updated: May 8

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is Witchcraft totally safe?"

This submission is very much appreciated as there are huge misconceptions about what it means to practice witchcraft safely.

This is why one of the first advice that you'll hear from other witches is to learn about and do energetic protections, wards, shields, guides, etc. before casting spells.

First, I just want to point out that the number one rule that most Wiccans and witches alike have expressed important to their practice is, "If it harm none. Do what ye will." However, not everyone follows this magick-guideline.

This is a very open question as it is my opinion that witchcraft and magick are just as they are and is neither good nor bad, etc. It is the workings of the spell caster in which makes a spell baneful or not. And so, can spells be baneful? ...Yes! So then, could witchcraft actually be dangerous? ... Absolutely - Due to the fact that spell casters and magickal practitioners can be dangerous themselves! Especially when not taking the time in knowing what is being done before doing it.

This is why I consider Shadow Work so very important in my own unique practice. Before any magickal workings myself, in my practice I reflect and observe before and after all spells to be sure that my workings are actually necessary and worth doing. And, that the risks are understood and the outcomes are acceptable. More about that is available in this previous blog entry: The importance of shadow work.

There has been a common trend with beginner witches, and some whom call themselves "baby witches", that doing spells is "cool", or just a fun way to pass the time, or a way to seem more clever, etc. With this kind of approach to Witchcraft, what may not be realized are the exact energies and forces that are being invoked or envoked. Without having an understanding of what it is that is being channeled, or what it is that is being interacted with, there can be unforeseen results or consequences. This ignorance in itself can be dangerous. Taking the time to do personal exploration and research first may be crutial in creating safe and secure magickal workings within the craft. Just dressing in black, painting your face and nails or wearing a hood or pointy hat, does not actually make you a witch at all.

It is the practice of implementing magickal intention so to lead to manifestation is what makes one an actual witch. Witchcraft can be freeing, constructive and intense. It can also be intoxicating, mesmorizing, and consuming. In my opinion as a grey witch, finding the appropriate balance of right/wrong, good/bad, dark/light, etc. is key to finding the neutral areas of magick that can be worked with successfully for each practitioner and will be most benifitial to any witch's experience, even if just starting out.

While witchcraft is so much about intention setting, i feel the need to reiterate that magick itself is not bad, nor good. It just is!!! It is the intentions being set within a spell that can lead a magical working to be deemed benifitial or baneful. Otherwise, sometimes a witch can have good intentions in which their workings may still lead to unexpected termoil. This is most likely due to misunderstanding the effect in which their magickal workings will have on a particular situation. Not having all of the details of a situation can lead to the wrong approach to be taken even when the outcome was meant to be positive.

Understanding yourself, your shadow, energetic vibrations and your true/pure intentions should avoid negative outcomes within spells, so to be positively successful. Most witchcraft, high magick or otherwise, is about self improvement, self discovery and exploration, and self development as a human and spiritual being.

Most witches find connections within nature and their energetic surroundings of the natural environment to ground and find balance for themselves. How can THAT be dangerous? It's really all about the approach of the practitioner.

Trust your instincts, and follow your intuition.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog, and for submitting your questions!

✨Blessed be.

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