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The importance of Shadowwork

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Why is shadow work so important?"

Thank you to whom submitted this question as I strongly believe that without my own processing of myself, and getting to know my inner self better through shadow work, I would not be the witch that I am today.

More information about my opinion of Shadowwork can be read at: shadow with in my opinion. Also some background information about shadow work at: Shadow work expensed on further.

Doing my own shadow work has allowed me over time to get to know parts of my inner self that I kept hidden. Or, I didn't even know existed!!! The better I knew myself, and the functions if my own inner workings, the better I could connect with my true intention. The stronger my intention, the more focused my magickal workings and the more powerful the manifestation. It is a developmental journey that takes steps, times and patience.

One good place to start with shadow work would be to think of one thing that bothers you, and reflect on what it is about that specific thing or person that might also be a part of or within you.

To figure this out, you could ask yourself gentle questions like:

  • What is it about it that I don't like?

  • Do I find that I have some of those same traits sometimes?

  • What makes it so difficult to be in that situation, or around them?

  • What parts of me create it as to the situation? Or what does that person not like when I'm around them?

  • How do I feel about that part of myself?

Contemplate on the answers and maybe journal any interesting realizations.

Choose one thing at a time to work on. Take note of any discomforts, fears, or disturbances while rationalizing and analyzing the responses to the questions above.

Do this exercise as many times as necessary. Each time choosing a different thing that is bothersome whether it be a trait of yourself, or a characteristic of another, or of a situation or issue, etc.

There are many shadow work writting exercise examples at: Shadow work journaling exercises examples.

Quite often this type of reflection can lead to some kind of growth. For example: the realization of a resolution to a problem, or acceptance of something, or of ourselves or of someone else, or the evolution of one's own weakness eventually becoming a strength.

Calming and quieting the mind can be key. Strategies, such as meditation may assist. Don't give up!!! It can take much time and exploration of ones inner self and can feel like a never ending cycle.

The path of a witch is a life time of development.

This other previous blog entry speaks about how I started doing shadow work myself: First experience of shadow work.

Some potential benifits of doing shadow work are:

  • Build self esteem

  • Gain confidence

  • Build better relationships with others

  • Accept different aspects of yourself

  • Discover talents that may have been hidden

  • Improve creativity within

  • Understand your true intentions better

  • Increase compassion towards others

  • Improve wellness overall

Many blessings!

Thank you very much for visiting my website and for reading my blog!

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