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The penticle

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What is your thoughts on the Pentacle? For symbolism, uses, protection?"

Thank you for this question as there are many misconceptions about the penticle symbol and why and how it is used within witchcraft. And so, this question is very much appriciated!

The most common misunderstanding about this symbol, a five pointed star within a circle, is that it is somehow tied to evil. And, that just simply isn't true. Ultimately, there is no devil in witchcraft. And so, this symbol is not actually connected with the Christian devil, as commonly taught and believed.

There may however very well be traditions that use this symbol within that context. But, not within witchcraft, nor Wicca. Many consider it to be a simple of faith.

In my practice, it is used as a symbol of self empowerment. It represents the five aspects of human power and ability: Action, Intellect, Emotions, Needs, and our Soul. If you place these as points evenly apart and draw a line connecting each to eachother it forms the shape of the penticle.

Within witchcraft these traits are often embodied into the elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Spirit. If spirit coinsides with any of the points on the penticle it is still connected to the other four aspects or elements (maintaining a penticle shape between them).

That consistent connection with our own human nature empowers Love, Respect, Gratitude, Compassion, and Forgoveness within. This level of grounding and structure within ourselves also provides protection from external influences.

The more grounded and confident we are as human beings the less likely any kind of external influence will have much effect on us whether magickally sourced or not. This is the bases of magickal protections and wards.

More about protections is available in this previous blog entry: Protecting yourself further.

It is my opinion that this is one of the oldest protective and magickal symbols used by humankind and it's meaning has been recycled by many cultures and traditions of the past to represent different forms of self empowerment.

Also, in the past, anything not within Catholic traditions was considered to be Pagan, and was often deemed dark or evil by church leaders as a persuasion away from other traditions and recruitment into their own. This left much misunderstanding and misconceptions to spread and survive over centuries within the planet's history. Including reference to the penticle. Due to this, it's no wonder there is so much confusion around the meanings and uses of this symbol.

  • The Penticle.

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