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What type of witch are you?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How do you know what kind of witch you are?"

It's important to note that each and every witch is different from the next.  There are just as many types of witches, as there are witches.  Each is unique in the ways of the craft. 

The dictionary definition of a practice is the customary, habitual, or expected procedure or way of doing of something or to perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency.

As much as there are types of and many more "lables" for witches, this doesn't actually matter!

Try to setup a practice that is personally meaningful and spiritually satisfying to you.  If you see a ritual or spell described here on please feel free to change and manipulate the workings so that it personally fits best with your own associations and intentions.  What works for me may not work for you in the same ways, and vice versa. We all have our own experiences in life which gives us all different associations. No matter what your path is in the craft, we can all do simular magick in our own ways. 

Research and Experience are really key to helping any practitioner of magick to figure out what would most likely be useful and work best for them.  

Practices can look like what ever you want it to.  The whole point is to create habits and rituals that better ourselves in our skills and self development.  For example, someone who primarily works with plants, their practice may involve a regularly done routine of harvesting and gathering herbs to make potions and teas that assist with health or some day to day tasks alongside the maintenance and care given to the plants and trees around them.  They may consider themselves a 'green witch'. Here is a brief example: green witchcraft.

Or, With a practice revolving around spirit work, ancestors, or other ways of bridging the veil between lofe and death, one may consider themselves a 'hedge witch'. Here is a brief example: spirit mediumship or spirit boards.

Having experience with psychic influence, forsoothing, divination, etc. some might identify as an astral witch or 'psychic witch', Some examples: rune and tarot reading.

... Some identify as ceremonial witches, astro or cosmic witches, kitchen witches, crystal witches, hearth witches, sea witches, sex or love witches, ...hereditary, secular, solotary, coven-based... And, there are many many more lables and ways in which a witch may identify themselves or clarify the realm of their practice in the craft. Each of the examples mentioned can also intertwine into other realms of magick depending on intention and traditional focus used.

There are non Wiccan practitioners that follow folk traditions which also vary depending on the area, country, traditions, etc.  Much folk magick is passed down through generational teachings. However, in recent years has become much more accessible to the general public through books, websites, YouTube channels, etc. 

There are Wiccan practitioners that follow religious practices and guidelines in which involve magickal workings within the traditions, rituals and customs.  There are also some who have interesting mixes of folk practices and religious beleifs and traditions.

There are even many eclectic magickal practitioners and eclectic religious practices. In these cases, a witch borrows from multiple sources and realms of magick to construct a new, unique practice that personally speaks to them specifically. 

There are also chaos magickal practitioners who never develops a personalized practice. In this case, what applied yesterday may be irrelevant today - All that matters today is what is used today. 

 Eclectic and Chaos practitioners are never confined by the concept of tradition. 

So, if there are just as many types if witches as there are witches, then, how would one know what type of witch they are? If this matters to you, FIRST: walk a path in the craft that you are very comfortable with and that speaks to you! Setup a practice surrounding what you do so that it is personally satisfying. THEN, take a look at your practices and formed traditions, and do research to determine the type of witch in which you can identify with. Do not try to fit into a specific type. Certainly, don't allow someone else to tell you what kind of witch you are. Just be yourself, and the rest will determine itself.

It should also be mentioned that one witch can work in many different realms of magick and many areas of the craft that they resonate with. Also, a witch may move through different seasons and transcend realms of magick throughout their lifetime.

More about the type of witch that I personally identify with can be read on the about me page at:

Trust your instincts, and follow your intuition.

It is in hopes that this is helpful - Blessed be.

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