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Runes and Tarot reading

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The submitted question covered in this blog/picture:

"Do you give tarot readings?"

Thank you for submitting this question after viewing my video on sigils as mentioned in the submission, it was noticed that I used a tarot deck in that video.

Actually, I do give tarot readings professionally and rune readings regularly. More information on this is available on my other website

If interested, below are some tips on how to learn to do rune or tarot readings for yourself:

  1. Find a rune set or tarot deck that you like. There are many different kinds of runes and cards that can be used for excellent readings. The most common rune set is the Viking Runes. The most common tarot deck is the Rider Waite deck. There are many other tarot decks the use the same or similar symbolism and meanings as the Rider Waite illustrations. There are also other decks that are completely different and have their own design. Take your time to find the rune set or tarot deck that speaks to you.

  2. When you have purchased your new runes or cards, or made them yourself, keep it in a special pouch, or wrap them in a special clothe, and somehow personalize them to make them your own. Some sleep with them under their pillow for the first few weeks to charge with their energy. Others place certain types of crystals with them when not in use. Always keep them covered to remain dust free and they will last longer. Do what feels right to you in creating a relationship with your own personal runes or tarot deck.

  3. Spend some time getting to know the runes or cards. For runes, study the origins and meanings of each and keep in mind your own interpretations. What does each rune 'say' to you? For tarot, lay out the entire deck. You can separate the Higher Arcana cards, Court cards, and Lower Arcana cards at first if that helps to focus on the differences between these groups within common decks. Go through the deck and familiarize yourself with each card's symbolisms. What does each card 'say' to you? Whether you are working with runes or tarot cards, be objective, and trust your instincts.

  4. Most runes sets and tarot decks will come with an instruction book that can be used at first as a general guideline. However, eventually you should reach a point when you feel confident to read the runes or cards without these descriptions. As you go through the runes or cards more you'll begin to form a kind of relationship as you learn the cards meanings, including your own interpretations. Follow your intuition. Consider how each rune or card may mean something different according to where and how it is placed in your layout or spread. If the interpreted meanings of your runes or cards do not seem to fit with your subject or question, write down those details and watch for events to unfold over the next few days or so - sometimes meanings can make more sense afterwards. Some forewarnings may not make sense until 'it' happens.

  5. In the beginning, you're going to have difficulty reading a complicated layout or spread. Especially, if you haven't built a relationship with the runes or cards (getting to know them well). I'd suggest to start with a simple layout or spread first (1 rune/card draw, or a 3-5 runes draw or cards spread for example). Then, when you feel confident learn the more challenging methods, such as a full rune casting, or full tarot spreads (5-9 cards spread, or the commonly used 10 card Celtic Crux spread, or others)

  6. A great way to start readings is to give yourself readings on a regular basis. I STILL do daily readings for myself to know what to expect each day. Each time you'll learn more and more about your own interpretations of the runes or cards and layouts or spreads used. This allows you to become more comfortable and confident before giving readings to others. Knowing yourself well enough is key to remaining objective while giving readings. Our inner-selves can sometimes throw us off in self readings, which is why some books do not recommend it. The more objective you are in self readings, the more accurately you'll be able to interpreted the messages for yourself, and as well for others.

More recently, I wrote about self tarot readings suggestions in another blog entry at:

If I can clarify further or if you have more questions, please feel free to submit your comments and questions at or send email to

Thank you for reading my blog.

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