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Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick

About The Grey Witch

My name is Bryan Stafford and I live in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  I am an empathic male and an intuitive pagan with many years experience with metaphysical workings, including spell work, astrology, mediumship, and divination such as tea leaf, rune and tarot readings.

By describing myself as a secular practitioner, I signify both my pagan background that nature itself is holy, thus the planet we live on and the plants, animals and bodies we live in are all sacred and my role as a complex person who works with energetic properties. In my personal non-theistic practice, deities are percieved as common architypes created to symbolize different aspects of our own human nature and are not actually external entities or supreme beings, etc.   Sometimes my perspectives are confronted by other practitioners with disdain. Whereas I say, "to-each-is-own".  I strive to do what is felt to be right from a humanistic approach and to speak my mind. 

Secular humanism is that I, myself can live a good and moral life without the existence of having a belief in a supernatural deity within my practices and traditions. But, rather I connect with aspects of my own human nature. When referring to my craft, I'm actually speaking to my personal independent practice involving manifestation and an affinity with nature within my pagan traditions.

As I get older, my craft becomes less about trying to cause specific outcomes and more about focusing on helping to become more purposeful and compassionate in my own life. While I still do rituals of the more traditional sort, my magick has become something which I carry with me in all areas of my life. 

Always learning along my path and relying on my intuition, I personally scrye and work with runes, tarot, pendulums, palmistry and tasseography.  With many tools, crystals and herbs to aid me in various workings, I also make my own infusions, potions, salves, candles, and oracles.  I dedicated to a Seax Wiccan way of life in 2016 and completed initiation in 2019. More about my Wiccan practice can be read at:  In 2022, I became co-founder of the Sacred Meadow Circle.  More about the coven can be found at

Devoted to working with all kinds of energies, and finding balance, I am often referred to as grey witch. This means my practice has involved learning as much of the baneful ways in the craft as I have to heal and help, giving me a unique perspective in magick allowing me to work in 'grey' areas in order to bring balance.  For example, undoing a hex.

Other intuitives have referred to me as a light worker as I am so often drawn to helping others. I offer guidance based on intuitive readings to those who feel they may benefit from another perspective.  Random strangers at times unexpectedly sought me out to tell me about their problems or ask me for advice in public places such as in a store or at a bus stop, etc. 

Quite often I find myself offering guidance, answering questions, providing information and giving advice to other practitioners of magick. 

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