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Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick


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 Feeling confused, lost or stuck!?

Quite often an example or reference to a starting point is all that's required to become grounded within beginning to set up your own witchy practice.   Below, you'll find information, examples of advisable workings and suggested rituals to help to setup an informed practice that is personally meaningful to you. All writings are partaining to my perspective relating to specific non baneful (harm-free) topics.

Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick

Shadow Work

Up Close and Personal.

It's called Shadow work because it involves getting to know every part of ourselves that can not be seen by others and sometimes not even realized by ourselves. It can be difficult to explore darker sides of our personalities, or parts of ourselves that we try to hide from the world. But, learning to face all emotions regarding past experiences or feelings that are kept deep within can be empowering in itself building confidence and inner strength.

One way to get started that I recommend is by keeping a journal or diary where the entries are meant to create little reflections of yourself over time. Given this purpose, I like to call this a book of mirrors. In it, entries can include written stories, activities or exercises, or whatever you can use to personally analyse thoughts or feelings on a particular topic.  

A good example of one of these activities is the creation of what's commonly known as a bucket list. Generally speaking, a bucket list is a sort of checklist of things to which one wants to accomplish or experience in their life before they die. Looking at how many of those items remain unchecked can help to create a plan of action before opportunities are missed. 

Another example would be writing all the things that you do not prefer about yourself, or wanting to change. Whether it's laziness, or lack of passion, or other vices. This can help to understand the alterations or changes needed from our own behaviour in order to make ourselves healthier or happier. 

Check out the Blog section on this website by clicking the button below to see postings with more ideas for shadow work exercises.  

There are so many ways to which this can be applied. Exploring and understanding the hidden truths of ourselves allows us to know our true and pure intentions.  In my opinion, this makes Shadow work an important place to get started for any practitioner of magick.  

This is powerful when working with and directing energy, or within spellwork.  It is also my opinion that shadow work is important for divination such as tea leaf sessions, rune casting, or tarot reading, etc.  

Click the button for shadow work journaling examples, if you're interested.

Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick

Suggestions and tips

... how?!

Read, read, and read some more

As mentioned previously, there is so so sooo much information out there.  Whether it's in books, online articles, as well as other sources of information such as videos, documentaries, etc.  Start with your interests in witchcraft and then  go from there.  If interested in Wicca, research and discover the different branches of Wicca to be sure that you are comfortable with the traditions and practices you've learned about.  Research can help to decide what is the best fit for you, personally.  

"An' it harm none, do what ye will."

Don't just beleive whatever you read or learn about when it comes to Witchcraft.  Go with what mostly connects with you. I can't reiterate enough that what works for you may not work for others (and vice versa) and that each and every witches practice is different from eachother.  There is no wrong way to setup a practice, and there certainly is no wrong way to beleive what it is that you beleive.  Go with your instincts, and follow your intuition.  

Document your path

One of the things that I often hear/read other witches say A LOT is to journal your progress.  This is something that was and still is hugely important in my own practice.  I write in a Book of Shadows: details of rituals and practice information, a Book of Mirrors: where I write reflections of myself, a Book of Spells: also known as a grimoire, and a Book for my coven's information called The Tree (pages considered the leaves that come and go) which each of my coven members will be invited to take from or add too for/from their own knowledge. Each book is kept up to date regularly (when I'm able). It's important to acknowledge the changes that constantly happen as one grows with their craft.

Prevent burn-out

Understanding that energy is all around us existing in everything, in every stone, twig, flower, plant, tree, ...all creatures, etc. We can interact within our surroundings in an energetic way through spellwork. It's my advice to not only depend on your own energy. But, make use of the energies around you to avoid feeling exhausted.  Also, don't rush - take your time. Witchcraft is a spirituality and has a lifetime worth of learning!

Be confident

Free will can not be controlled. Your free will is always your own.  The more confident you are, the more empowered your free will is. Protection spells allow us to feel more confident. And so, in return our free will is then empowered to not be as influenced by negative energies around, or directed towards. The more confident a witch is in their craft, the less effect and influence any external negative energy will have.  Knowing your innerself well, also known as the shadow, will help to know what will work for you, and what won't.  

Expensives NOT REQUIRED!

There are actually no tools required to start doing witchcraft.  Most practitioners can direct energy with simply using their index and middle fingers. Nature can provide most to all working ingredients. Find pebbles, rocks, and crystals outside near forests, paths, meadows, beaches, or where-ever your surroundings. Sticks, stones, grass, vines, flowers, herbs, dead insects, bones from victims of prey, etc. Collect the rain water. Charge under the full moon, ... There really are no costs required. 

HOWEVER, Tools can help

Tools are not required. That being said, they can help.  Some practitioners find they feel more directive with energy by using an athame or a wand.  Although a wand could be selfmade from a thin branch there may be some tools many can't selfmake themselves, such as an athame.  It would be my suggestion to start with naturally provided tools. However, when you feel ready and if affordable, there is also nothing wrong with purchasing craftsmanship from others. Just be sure to first cleanse away others' energy and to charge the object with your own energy with intention before implementing it into your practice. 

Trust your instincts!

Don't let anyone else tell you that you're not doing something right, or that you are doing something the wrong way.  There is no wrong way for you to express your spiritual. Each and every one of us has different associations to everything based on our own experiences in life.  No one walks the same exact path.  ...Be you! Do it your way!  Manifestation is much more likely when spellwork is personally satisfying to the caster.

Follow your intuition

We all have guidance we can connect to whether it be ancesters, deities, spirit, or what ever your beleifs.  Requesting assistance is always ok. However, do your own spellwork.  No one can associate more with your desire than yourself.  If a spell is found online, or provided by another practitioner of magick, feel free to change anything: the ritual; ingredients; incantation; etc. so that it resonates more with your own intentions for the workings.  Make it your own. 

Ask a Grey Witch - Questions about witchcraft and magick
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