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Guelph and surrounding area: Tarot Readings with Stafford Tarot

About Stafford Tarot

The messages within await! does not currently produce it's own income.  There are however costs associated with maintaining a website with blog features. And so, this website has been mostly paid for by my profession as an intuitive reader.  Therefore, this website is made possible thanks to Stafford Tarot 



The messages within await:

Offering intuitive readings.    Here are some details about the main services which are offered: to see all services available and fees, please visit the website at for more information.



Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading, also known as Tasseography, is a divination method that interprets patterns and symbolism in tea leaves within the teacup after the client has drank the tea. The reading can either be general or can be based on a particular question if you so choose. 

Intuitive Rune Casting

Rune reading is done either by selecting individual runes from a bag and interpreting their meanings based on positions in a layout or by casting all the runes at once and reading them according to how they land. Readings can be general or based on a particular question.


Intuitive Charm Casting

Different from rune casting, the charms are not read from a layout. But, rather they are read from how the charms land in relation to eachother, whether they are touching, atop of, connected to or based on how far apart they are from eachother. Each charm holds a special meaning and when read together the messages can be interpreted based on a particular topic or specific question asked, or can be left as a general reading.


Astrology Reading

By analysing the positions of the stars in the sky at a specific reference of time, I am able to illuminate on the effect the planets have on the different aspects of the living.  For a relationship compatibility analysis, I just need both person's birthdates. For a personal life analysis, I just need one's birthplace, birthdate, and if the time of birth is known.  A written description of the analysis can be sent via email from

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Sessions are usually about a half hour in length ($50).  During a 30 minute reading I typically will do a one card draw (which gives me an impression and energy of the client) and then a 10+ card spread full reading (which can either be general or can be based on a particular question if you so choose).  I have multiple spreads that I can suggest depending on the querrent or question.  There's are many Oracle decks available that can refine the reading if helpful.  I also offer a shorter 15 minute session ($25) which I can do a 5 card day spread, or a quick dilemma/solution spread, etc.


Psychic Mediumship
During a mediumship session I will take a moment to connect with the energies and spirits around you.  Whilst requesting confirmations through out, I will interpret the messages that come through. Once validated, questions can be asked. Tarot cards may also be used as a comunication tool. Quite often the messages wont make sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitter of my readings.  Messages are often what is needed to be delivered by the spirit themselves.


Area Cleansing

Using several energy cleansing techniques involving smoke, sound, water, crystals and salt, I am able to assist with the removal of negative energies and set the right intention for your home or workspace. It usually takes about 30 minutes depending on the size of the area.  In extreme cases, energy protections can be set up to ensure a nuturalizing environment. Please be upfront if there are pets sharing the space being cleansed. If so, smoke cleansing should be avoided which can have unhealthy effects on some animals (especially birds in particular)


Consultation and workings

More and more, I find myself providing advice or guidance to other practitioners in my craft.  Due to the amount of time that this can require, I do include these hours as work.  Mentorship is considered a pro bono service and casually happens for free through online interactions or by posting within online communities that I participate in. For more extensive one on one assistance, I do charge a fee for consultations and any workings.  There may be additional costs associated with any requirement or necessity of supplies. 


Groups, Events, or Parties

During an event,  I can bring my own tarot reading table (2.5' x 2.5' fold up table) on which I will set my crystal ball and several tarot and oracle decks. If outdoors, I can setup my own small 6'x6' tent as seen in the picture and to make individual meetings a bit more private if necessary.  I can use several different decks for multiple trans-dimentional tarot readings to do collaborative group sessions, conjoint couple sessions, as well as individual sessions. 


Self-readings Workshop

- Limited space available.

Offering a 90 minute workshop on learning to do self readings.  Each participant will be introduced to objective-ness, intuitive-ness, and have an opportunity to work directly with a Rider-Waite tarot deck. Feel free to bring your own personal tarot structured deck (no oracle decks please). We'll run through an activity which can be continued afterwards to build on a practice to do your own self tarot readings. Contact me for availability or if there are any questions. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Where in person is not possible, readings can  take place over video chat platforms such as Messenger, Zoom, Google Meets, or other of your choice.


More information is available at

Guelph and surrounding areas:  Tarot readings with Stafford Tarot
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