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Spirit Mediumship

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you believe in and work with spirits?"

As mentioned in previous blog entries, i beleive in energy, and yes - I do work with the carried energy of past loved ones in a variety of ways in my practice, including assistance with manifestation, looking for guidance, requesting synchronoustic signs, or receiving messages connected to a sitter of my readings. It is my honest belief that anyone and everyone can communicate and work with the connections within.

First of all, I've always honoured and paid offering to ancesters and do have several ancestral alters around my home for me to connect with, visit or seek guidance from. As shown in: about some of my personal alters.

There are times in my practice that, as a psychic medium, I often feel like someone's energy explores me out. I can be on my way of a typical day and when I have dropped my guard a presence has come to me with a message that i usually don't understand. But, I feel that I must remember. In the moment I often feel an urge to write the message down in hopes of remembering it to eventually delivering it.

For example: a specific version of a lyric or song. Either later that day or in following days I will be approached by someone that I can tell the message is for them, or, I mention the song for example. The message is always understood and very relevant to a passed loved one of the person the message is delivered to. For example: they thought of that passed loved one the last time THAT song was recently played on the radio.

There have been a variety of examples, messages, directional guidance, moments of hope or faith created, and closure that I've had the privilege to deliver to the living. Mediumship has always been something that I have ablidged to do upon request within tarot readings while I have attend in person events or festivals and during private reading sessions. I even offer special tarot spreads using mediumship to request to assist me in the ordering of the cards and using the messages of the tarot to deliver general messages.

Professionally, I have sometimes felt approached by a energetic presence first and then afterwards a new client will request to book a mediumship reading. Other times, it's not until I've met my client that I'm able to sense and connect with the energies carried around them.

During a mediumship reading session with me, there is no expectation to share any information beforehand, no need to bring any objects, nor pictures with you, etc.  We will simply meet, i will explain what it is that I do, and then I will take a moment to connect with the energies around you.  Whilst requesting confirmations through out, I will interpret the messages that come through. Once validated, questions can be asked. Quite often the messages wont make sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitter of my readings.  Messages often seem to be what is needed to be delivered by the spirit themselves.

Although I'm usually open to receiving messages commonly, in my personal life, I've also had to create boundaries for myself. By doing so, I no longer feel ambushed by the energetic intersections from others, nor overwhelmed by the messages and emotions involved, nor distracted by the interactions away from my own life's responsibilities.

This previous blog entry includes a video of when I was invited to be a guest on The Intuitive Experience channel: where Melissa T. Downard from True Beings of Light and myself get into conversation about mediumship.

Since taking the mediumship program at I have been able to build on my ability to receive specific messages, be more confident with what I'm sensing and also create better spiritual boundaries for myself. When I became confident and grounded in what I've already been doing with mediumship, I then decided to expand mediumship into its own category of service on my professional website which also provides more information about mediumship readings.

Thank you for reading my blog and submitting questions to if you have further questions or would like to request clarity on anything that I've written about, please don't hesitate to ask.

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