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Personal Alters

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you please share your alter setup?"

Thank you for your interest and submitting this question. I can appriciate wanting to see an example if an other alter when first setting up an alter of your own. It should be mentioned that each and every alter can be different than the next and still be just as prominent in someone's practices. What works for me may not be what will work for you, and vice versa. So, really follow your instincts and use your intuition when setting up your personal alters or working spaces.

That being said, i can share with you about my own personal alters that I have currently setup around my home in hopes that it inspires. There is no one way to setup an alter, and so I'm not trying to say that you should do what I do. Each and every one of us needs to discover their own ways in which to respect, honour and offer our intentions. I, myself have always had multiple alters setup at one time.

Outdoors, I regularly will setup temporary work spaces within a created circle to be used for the duration of ritual or ceremony amongst nature or within a sacred space outside. Here is an example mentioned in this previous blog entry called opening closing a circle:

My indoor alters tend to remain more consistent and stay setup for seasons at a time. I do change them throughout over periods of time depending what/who I am honoring or working with. And then, i have always had a main working alter. My main alter would be my crafting alter (when I'm not doing magick in my kitchen).

Workings/crafting alter:

Keeping selected supplies within arm's reach of my main alter, this is where I'll create spells and do rituals in a variety of ways. Personally, I like to use multiple layers of surfaces for this alter. Crafting and working supplies on the bottom level and energetic charging and divination on the higher section. When my black mirror is uncovered, I can perfectly see myself in its reflection while standing infront of this work space.

Divination alter:

For when ready for divination, meditation and scribing, I'll visit my divination alter where I keep some of my tarot cards, my reading board, some musical and toning instruments, and my series of books of shadows.

Ancestors' alter

This century old plaster-cast fireplace is often used as an ancestral alter and place for me to connect with spirits. Infront of is usually a comfortable chair and large table where I like to place my crystal ball and do mediumship readings. The fireplace also has it's own connections with spirits itself.

Ancestor honor alters:

There are also spaces around my home designated to the honoring of specific ancestors individually where their belongings and items of remembrance are placed in memory of. These sources are often visited to reflect on and connect with the passed loved one. Each alter is setup to reflect the ancestor's beliefs, traditions, hobbies and interests, etc.

Even if my ancestor's religion wasn't the same as my own, i still honour them in a way that they themselves would appriciate. I myself being Wiccan would not setup a pagan based alter for my ancestors who had Catholic origins of upbringing in their own lives.

Memories alter:

Where memorial items are kept safe, this very old cabinet is used as a memory alter where my spouse and I will often revisit it's mixed contents with a wide range of different memorable objects and items from both our lives from our pasts.

Some may not view all of the above as legitimate alters. However, in my view an alter can be any platform used for the presentation of memories, offerings and other ritualistic purposes.

It is in hopes that by sharing pictures of my personal alters that it helps you to find ways in which to setup your own that resonates with your ways in the craft.

Please consider submitting any questions that you may have to

Have a blessed day.

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