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Discussion about meduimship and tarot

Updated: Jan 29

Question covered in this blog/video:

"If your free would you like to join in and have a chat..."

Thank you so much to Melissa T. Downard for inviting me into her live talks. A guest grey witch answering questions about tarot spreads. It was my pleasure to be a guest on the Intuitive Experience and I look forward to other possible future collaborations.

In this video Melissa and I discuss energy work, mediumship, and I answer questions about tarot and give a free short tarot reading live to a viewer who showed interest while attending the recording. Then Melissa beautifully shares her channeling gifts in closing.  Check it out above! This video is longer than my standard 4-10 minutes length as I just couldn't bring myself to cut out any of the fascinating conversation we had together in case helpful to anyone else who experiences psychic intuition or wants to learn to do tarot for themselves. Thanks again Melissa!!!

Melissa T. Downard

The Intuitive Experience

Bryan Stafford

Stafford Tarot

Even though many forms of divination fit into my practice, tarot had been a constant almost from the beginning as I've walked my path as a witch. Given it's connections with intentions and desires, tarot and witchcraft can practically dove-tail together within magical workings.

Hope you enjoy the above video!

Thanks for watching!

Do you have questions about witchcraft? Feel free to submit them here at

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