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Spirit boards

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The submitted question covered in this blog:

"Are Ouiji boards dangerous?"

Ouiji boards are often the target of scary stories or horror movies and are usually quite misunderstood. Many see them as bad or evil due to these widely known misconceptions that exist, especially amongst some Catholic religious groups. The word "Ouija" has been trademarked by the Hasbro gaming company to sell as a kind of family board game and that word has often been used to refer to them.

It is originally known as a talking board or a spirit board. It consists of a flat wooden board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, sometimes also containing the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye".

The way that it is used is with a small heart-shaped piece of wood that is simular to an arrow or pointer that slides along the board's surface to spell out messages received from a requested or called upon spirit. It is used as a form of communication with spirit, similar to the use a pendulum. But, by a group of people (not just an individual) and is much more precise with the messages received instead of just a simple "yes" or "no" response.

Participants place their fingers on the piece of wood (called a planchette), and it is moved about the board to spell out the messages. It is by the unconscious movements of those controlling the planchette that it moves around the board. In the same way that it is the unconscious movements of an individual that moves a pendulum.

When there is a gathering of people who come together to attempt to communicate with a specific spirit, it is often referred to as a seance.

A spirit board is a divination tool usually involving the attempt to find closure with past loved ones by asking them specific questions and reading their answers as revealed on the board.

It is absolutely not bad, or evil in it's origins. In fact, in the past it was viewed as a parlor game, similar to tarot cards. Where it is seen as a risk in its use is that if each participant is not focused anyone one of them can call upon any spirit to come through on the spirit board that perhaps others are not intending and would otherwise not have a connection to. Once a connection is made with a spirit, there can be an avenue for further interaction with, even without the use of the board thereafter. Afterall, it is the beholders participating in the seance that are behind it's ability and power to commune with spirits, not the board itself.

There is a common fear that a spirit board can bring forth demons that can possess the participants. However, that would mean that at least one of the participants already had a previous connection with such an entity and called forth the specific malicious spirit to be involved. This is very rare and requires intention to do such a thing. The experience of using a spirit board is usually of positive transformation.

Thank you so much to whom submitted this question. It is in hopes that by answering it, that I have helped to debunk some if the misconceptions that there are regarding this special divination tool.

Thank you also for reading my blog. As always, if there are other questions please do not hesitate to submit them at

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