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Different realms of the craft

Submitted question covered in this blog/pictures:

"What other areas of witchcraft have you explored?"

As mentioned around this website (probably in quite a few places), there are many different realms of magick that practitioners can explore in their individual practices. The number of ways energy can be interacted with is far too many to compile into one complete list.

It should be mentioned here that each and every practice can look very different from eachother, even if both are exploring the same realm of witchcraft. As one of my favourite expressions goes, "There are just as many types of witches, as there are witches".

Thank you too whom submitted this question. Here are brief descriptions of some of the realms of the craft in which I have researched, studied, and have practiced over the years (so far):

Green Witchery : As early as I can remember in my childhood I worked with the energies of common plants learning about their properties and associations as well as how certain plants and herbs could benefit me, or not. Nature has always been my comfort zone.

Hedge Witchery : 'Peeking through the veil' was something that seemed to come naturally to me and I had to eventually seek assistance in creating better boundaries for myself in terms of energetic or spiritual communications. Certain divinatory techniques have been learned as assistance tools for mediumship. I also consider my work with the Fae part of this realm of magick, as well as with past ancestors.

Kitchen Witchery : It is my belief that I am born from a long line of generations of kitchen witches. From my mother, passed down from her mother, and so forth. I was taught so many traditional, superstitious, and magickal knowledge working with and preparing foods or beverages with my mother to be eaten or drank with the intention of having more positive affect than just tasting good or satisfying the hunger or thirst of whom consumed it.

Astro Witchery : Once a novice astrologer growing up and then later advancing my knowledge and astrology reading skills over time. I was able to recognized the impact on myself, my life and my practice by the astrologic energies of the planets and stars of our galactic surroundings, and I learned to implement those energies into my practice and divination.

Song Witchery : More than just playing an instrument, my music has magical influence on it's audience depending on my intention while playing. The songs while played can be cast as spells within their rhythmic chant and percussion. This form of magick can draw out from within much emotion to work with within energetic workings towards a specific intention.

Psychic / Chaos Witchery: Studying and working with my own sense of intuition and energy recognition and forming a practice around it, sometimes with the assistance of divination tools and oracles. With the use of different states of mind to connect with the sub-conscious levels of thinking in order to bring forth manifestation. The idea is to bring order amongst what is permitted to happen within the chaos of reality.

The daily magickal practice that has formed and that I have established for myself today is a balanced and well blended mix of all the above mentioned. Personally, I have learned for myself that the path of a witch is unending learning and nonstop development through out an entire lifetime.

What realms of magick have you explored, so far?

Thank you for reading my blog and learning more about me. Please don't hesitate to reach out by submitting your questions to Many blessings.

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