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To hex, or Not to hex...

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"...Should I send a hex?"

Hmm, to hex? Or, not to hex? ...That is the question!

As a grey witch myself, I tend to see these kinds of situations as an opportunity to bring balance. Thank you so much for submitting this question.

It is my opinion to do what brings to you the most healing out of what you've been through yourself. In my perspective, if the justice of throwing a hex will bring you healing or peace of mind... Then, so be it. And, give them back what they have given to you - absolutely! However, be sure not to come from a revengeful negative perspective that's unbalanced.

That sort of unbalanced, one-direction of negative energy tends to 'bounce back' as it will then balance itself out, in my expirience.

Also, a hex doesn't have to have a negative outcome. For example, for the target of the spell to learn the lessons themselves from their own actions so to expand their knowledge as that they can do or know better. Perhaps this may require a hex to push them down the right path to learn from their own mistakes. With a positive intention, is that considered a baneful working? ... In my opinion, yes. Even negative or baneful workings can lead to positive outcomes.

As described in this previous bog entry: Useful baneful magick.

Of course, not all witches will look at it this way:

Be ever mindful that what goes around, tends to come around. Many practitioners use a moral compass or general rule to their practices, known as the Law of III. This is the basic belief structure of that what ever is sent out will come back to the caster three time fold stronger. This means that if you send out positivity, you will receive three times as much positivity back in your life. However, if you send out negativity, you'll get back three times more negativity in your life. It sorta goes hand in hand with the "Golden Rule" in most religions: basically referring to 'Do into others the way you want to be treated'. Using this moral code to evaluating the risks, cause and effect of this modality of spellwork can help secure a way forward with the use of magick that helps the practitioner feel more secure, confident and safe within their workings.

Other magickal practitioners will not even attempt a hex if it resembles baneful intentions. As the Wiccan rede refers to: "... If it harm none, do what ye will.". There are also many witches who feel that their practices and traditions should only involve positive intentions in their magick. Therre is a growing population of new age witches that can themselves "white witches" who do not incorporate anything negative in their practices.

To each us own!

There are alternatives to performing Hexes and Curses such as divination, cord cutting, sending blessings, or healings, vibration raising, etc. And, other positive intentions meant to be gentle. But, can still be effective. This is often an area that many witches will go to first before attempting more baneful workings such as a jinks, curse, or hex.

Another consideration to think about is the amount of work and energy that it takes to do a successful hex. One may consider if it is actually worth doing in the first place! Or, is there a charm, sachet, or other technique that would suffice, or be more suitable to the situation at hand. As mentioned in this orbits blog entry: Curses and Hexes

Thank you for submitting this question, and for reading my blog!

Hope to be helpful. Many blessings!

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