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Where to start!?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"I don't know where to actually begin, do you suggest a coven?"

Thank you for this question.  It is very much appriciated as this is a common question amongst beginners.  Witchcraft can definately be overwhelming at first with the amount of different it misleading information that is available in books and online these days. 

It would be my suggestion to start on your own FIRST.  When you feel you have setup a comfortable practice for yourself, THEN try to reach out to a possible Coven.  Reason being, you'll want to find a Coven that your comfortable working with, as well as compliments your interests in the craft.

It's important to mention from the start that each and every witch's practice looks different from the next.  Every witch started with a small topic and then expanded their knowledge over time with experience.  It would be my suggestion to start by determining what your biggest interest is, or your greatest strength (that you feel you have) in the craft, and then begin researching and learning about just that specifically.  

So, for example, say if one feels drawn to a particular type of plant.  Work with that one plant, researching it's properties and creating associations to the flowers, leaves, stems, and roots. What is learned along the way may teach about other similar types of plants. Then, suddenly there is all the knowledge that can be applied to many different types of plants and learning the differences between them. Eventually learning medicinal values and herbal benifits, properties, etc.  The regular actions of their craft become a regular practice unique to their study. At that point a witch may identify themselves as a green witch.  

Or for example, say someone who loves to cook and bake starts to implement magick or ritual into the foods and drinks that are made. Perhaps shared to take advantage of the health benifits of ingredients or for magickal value. Setting up regular brewings and creations as part of a practice, this person may eventually see themselves as a kitchen witch as their practice grows.

Or another example, say if someone feels fascinated with spirits, experiences or  interested in communication beyond the veil of life and death, not afraid of a spirit board (also known as a ouija board), one may relate as a hedge witch setting up a practice of boundaries while able if offer assistance to help others heal from loss. 


There are also witches that work in multiple different areas of the craft at the same time collecting knowledge from many reasons of magick and only using what they feel is suitable to them in their craft. Some call themselves Eclectic witches. 

It should also be mentioned that not all witches setup a practice with rituals, customs and traditions. It's really about what feels right to you. 

When you have discovered what works for you, (what makes you happy) you will be much more informed to make a decision regarding a Coven.  Many covens follow a Wiccan structure, many involve prerequisites, many involve an initiation process, many no not involve skyclad meetings, many do not do any of the mentioned above... Each group can be different.  It is very important to learn about the coven first to be sure it sounds good for you (or safe) to join.  FYI: Not all witches are Wiccan. However, most Wiccans are witches 😉

It is actually very true that there are just as many types of witches as there are witches.  The most important thing when getting started in witchcraft is that you feel personally connected and satisfied with whatever practice you setup for yourself.   After all, the more personally satisfying spellworkings are to the caster, the more likely the magick will manifest.

Be sure to enjoy what it is whatever that you're learning and don't feel under any pressure to do it any certain ways that doesn't fit with you, or don't feel you need to expand into areas that your not familiar with or not comfortable going.  Witchcraft is an expression of spirituality that involves magick.  There is no wrong way to express spirituality.  

What most interests you about witchcraft? ... Start there. Guaranteed you'll branch out to be learnings and before you know it you've discovered your own path.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about witchcraft or about Wicca.  I'm always happy to answer any questions and share with whom it may be helpful too for others. 

Be safe, Take good care, and blessed be.

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댓글 2개

Kirstn Beckett
Kirstn Beckett
4월 07일

Can you list more different witchcraftes out there you know like ,grey,green,electric, like that and what if a witch wants to expand on trying to make up there own spells is that posible

Bryan Grey Witch
Bryan Grey Witch
4월 08일
답글 상대:

Hi Kirstin, thank you for your comment. This newer blob post may be interesting to you: which speaks more about the type of witches. I hope this is helpful. Please reach out if you still have questions. Blessed be.

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